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Master’s in Psychology in Utah

Find Programs for Master’s of Psychology Degrees in Utah

Developing the counseling and psychological programs used to reach residents in each state is more difficult than it sounds. You can’t simply staff a center with a group of mental health professionals and expect the state to thrive. Rather, you must be ready to carefully analyze each community and find out which services, professionals, and programs are best suited to its struggles.

In Utah, for example, you may think that there are few significant mental health crises that demand a response from the mental health community. However, research shows that Utah has a significant problem with depression. The amount of people diagnosed with depressive disorders in Utah is significantly higher than the national average (Deseret News, 2015).

To address this problem and support residents, community programs need graduate-level psychology professionals to counsel patients and help them work through life’s troubles.

Do you want to help the children and adults of Utah overcome their mental health issues? Find out what your next step is by reaching out to Master’s in psychology programs in Utah.

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What Can You Expect from Psychology Master’s Programs in Utah?

In just two years of study, you must be able to learn the complex theories in your chosen psychological specialty, master the terminology utilized by professionals in your field, and develop the practical working skills that make you an asset to clients and patients.

This may sound like a big task, but Utah schools accomplish it by allowing graduate students to focus on one specific type of psychology. Going this route allows you to become an expert in one specialty, rather than developing a general knowledge base in many types of psychology. This may be a good option if you know exactly what your career goals are and which services you want to provide. Schools may have degree options like social psychology, health psychology, and clinical psychology.

Utah Student Studying For His Psychology Masters

A popular choice for many students is counseling psychology, a field that focuses on applying psychology tenets to counseling techniques used with different populations. In this degree, you may take classes like Methods in Group Counseling, Methods in Individual Counseling, and Foundations of Counseling Psychology.

Many schools have extensive financial aid options for graduate students, so you may want to make that a discussion point when you contact Utah psychology schools. On top of school programs, you can contact local organizations like the Utah School Counselor Association.

Working With Your Master’s Degree in Psychology in Utah

Since there’s so much diversity in psychology programs in Utah, many programs lead to very specific career options. Staying on top of job growth statistics and major employers in your area can help you spend your educational years adequately preparing for your career.

If you specialize in marriage and family therapy in school, you may spend your career working with children, families, and struggling couples. Statewide, demand for marriage and family therapists is expected to increase 49% by the year 2022 (O*Net, 2015). On average, professionals in this field earn $52,200 per year (O*Net, 2015).

If you go into recreational therapy, you may focus on using arts, music, or play to help people communicate and navigate psychological issues. From 2012 through 2022, job openings may increase 31% (O*Net, 2015). Utah recreational therapists report an average salary of $37,500 per year (O*Net, 2015).

If you feel excited about the prospect of using your knowledge to help people navigate the trials of life, a Master’s degree in psychology could be exactly what you need. Learn more about how to get started by contacting psychology Master’s degree programs in Utah.