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Master’s in Psychology Programs in Texas

Find Programs for Master’s in Psychology Degrees in Texas

It’s no surprise that a shortage of mental health services and community programs has plagued much of the United States in recent years. Texas has, perhaps, been more adversely affected than many other areas. After all, it has one of the largest populations in the country, and its communities differ quite a bit in their populations, health care needs, and psychological stressors.

In some parts of Texas, there are barely any mental health care services available to residents. In the Rio Grande Valley, for example, residents may have to wait upwards of six months to even get seen by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist (The Monitor, 2015).

If you are passionate about people and improving their lives, you could spend your career helping people overcome the psychological issues that limit them. You can delve into different psychological specialties with a graduate degree in psychology.

Use our list of Master’s in psychology degree programs below to find the right school for you and what you hope to do with your career.

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What Can You Expect from Psychology Master’s Programs in Texas?

If this is your first look into psychology graduate programs, you may wonder what it takes to get accepted into a program at this level. While some graduate programs require you to have an undergraduate degree in the same field of study, most psychology programs do not go by this standard. You may find that most require the completion of an undergraduate psychology course, but almost any Bachelor’s degree will meet the Bachelor’s degree requirement for graduate study.

Either way, you should have a strong undergraduate GPA and great references, as many psychology programs can be quite competitive. As you get ready to apply for different programs, getting relevant volunteer experience can also be a great move.

Texas Students Studying Together Online For Their Psychology Masters

The psychology departments at many schools have a multitude of graduate degree options. As you look through Texas psychology schools, you may encounter specialties like forensic psychology, social psychology, and counseling psychology. The curriculum for a forensic psychology program may include coursework like Objective Personality Assessment, Mental Health Professionals and the Law, Violence and Aggression, and Counseling and Rehabilitation of Offenders. You can expect practical experience to be an important component of your education, whether it comes in the form of an internship, a clinical rotation, or a research study.

Getting involved with local professional organizations may assist you in your financial aid search. Groups like the Texas School Counselor Association award graduate scholarships to dedicated students.

Working With Your Master’s Degree in Psychology in Texas

Depending on the licensure and experience you get as part of your education, you may find that your skills are useful in many employment settings in Texas. Psychology graduates often find positions with social services departments, other government agencies, mental health or psychiatric centers, businesses, and community outreach programs.

If you want to help couples and families going through periods of transition and difficulty, consider becoming a marriage and family therapist. Job openings for marriage and family therapists are expected to increase 20% through 2022, and the average salary in this career is $43,400 per year (O*Net, 2015).

If you study the healing effects of music, art, and play, you may be interested in a career in recreational therapy. Positions in this specialty may increase 20% during this time period (O*Net, 2015). Texas recreational therapists report an average salary of $46,100 per year (O*Net, 2015).

Are you ready to jump into the field of psychology and its many uses? Get more information by contacting schools on our list of Master’s in psychology programs in Texas.

Texas psychology master’s programs to consider:

At Abilene Christian University, education is based in the beliefs and traditions of Christianity. The school educates slightly fewer than 5,000 students, and offers several Master of Psychology programs including clinical psychology and school psychology.

Sam Houston University in Huntsville is home to 17,000 students. Its Master of Arts in psychology programs include general psychology as well as clinical psychology.