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Master’s in Psychology in Louisiana

Find Programs for Master’s in Psychology Degrees in Louisiana

In its early days, psychology was not seen as a science. Rather, it was believed to be a body of pet theories belonging to doctors who longed—and failed—to understand the human mind. Since then, the field of psychology has grown considerably. It is now fully accepted as both a health care science and a social science, allowing professionals in this field to contribute to both industries.

As you watch Louisiana struggle with health care availability and pricing, you may wish to consider improving mental health services in this state by earning a Master’s degree in psychology.

Graduate-level study is required for many psychology careers, and that alone makes this degree worth it. Consider, too, the amount of good you can do with an advanced degree. Louisiana veterans are notoriously under-treated for PTSD and other mental health issues that come with military service. The creation of a new program in Louisiana funds PTSD treatment by mental health professionals.

Get involved in this industry now—check out our list of Master’s degree programs in psychology in Louisiana below.

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What Can You Expect from Psychology Master’s Programs in Louisiana?

If you are considering earning a Master’s degree in psychology, you should already have a Bachelor’s degree. Your degree may be related to psychology or in a completely separate field—as long as you have at least one introductory psychology course in your background, you may still qualify for acceptance to a graduate program.

As you compare different schools, make sure to evaluate different types of programs. Graduate psychology programs have many different areas of focus, and the one you choose determines your career trajectory. These fields are quite different from each other, so this is not a choice to make likely. Options that may be available to you include forensic psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, counseling psychology, and social psychology.

Louisiana Students Studying Together For Their Online Psychology Masters

Each program has different clinical experience, research, and laboratory requirements. However, you can expect to spend some time gaining practical experience. Classes that may be part of your core curriculum include Children and Adolescent Treatment, Advanced Topics in Research, Theories of Psychological Intervention, Clinical Psychological Assessment, and Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Once you’ve been accepted to the program of your choice, you may qualify for financial aid programs throughout Louisiana. The Louisiana Counseling Association funds grants for those who want to work in the counseling field after graduation.

Working With Your Master’s Degree in Psychology in Louisiana

By the time you graduate with your Master’s degree, you should have a strong understanding of what career options and work settings are available to you in your geographical area and your area of study. Marriage and family therapy is a rapidly growing specialty in this state, with an expected 24% increase in demand through the year 2022 (O*Net, 2012). Therapists in marriage and family counseling settings claim a median salary of $37,700 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Focusing on mental health counseling may give you a chance to work with many different disorders and diagnoses. A 20% boost in job openings is expected by 2022 (O*Net, 2015). In this field, the average salary is $32,100 per year (O*Net, 2014).

In many psychology jobs, job openings are primarily located in nonprofit organizations and government agencies, rather than private employment settings.

Discover how you can use a Master’s degree in psychology and what career options may be waiting for you in this field. Contact Master’s degree psychology programs in Louisiana today.