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Master’s in Psychology in Nevada

Find Programs for Master’s of Psychology Degrees in Nevada

For decades, mental health was neglected as part of community health care. However, in recent years, psychology has come to be accepted as part of the health sciences and research has shown how incredibly important mental health actually is. As a result, the need for mental health professionals and those who understand how the brain works has been growing rapidly.

In Nevada, the need for psychology professionals is extremely strong. The state has an evolving, diverse population, not to mention the millions of tourists that flood the major cities every weekend. If you are interested in providing mental health services in crisis situations or in the context of ongoing client relationships, Nevada may be exactly the place for you to get your advanced degree.

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Currently, Nevada legislators are focusing heavily on mental health services for children. In fact, the state recently received a grant of $11 million (Las Vegas Review Journal, 2015).

Whether you want to work with adults, children, or both, take the next step in your career and reach out to psychology Master’s degree programs in Nevada.

What Can You Expect from Psychology Master’s Programs in Nevada?

When you start looking into psychology programs in Nevada, you may notice that there are many different options to consider. First, you have to decide whether you want to earn a Master of Arts or a Master of Science. A Master of Arts focuses more on the human applications of psychology, while a Master of Science degree looks more at the biological science behind this field and research.

In addition, you must choose a specialized area of study. Some of the options you may have include school psychology, abnormal psychology, social psychology, biological psychology, and counseling psychology.

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If you aren’t sure which degree is right for you, looking at the curricula for different programs may be a good way to start. For example, a program that focuses on counseling psychology may include courses like Cultural Differences in Counseling Psychology, Ethical Issues in Professional Psychology, Understanding Research in Psychology, Group Theory and Process, and Substance Abuse Counseling. Toward the end of your curriculum, you may find a capstone course, a practicum course, or a research course.

A thorough financial aid search may save you a substantial amount of money on your education. If you are a female student, you may wish to apply for funding through the Nevada Women’s Fund.

Some schools that offer master’s in psychology programs in Nevada are:

  • University of Nevada-Las Vegas: Based in Las Vegas, this school offers a Master of Education in school counseling, and a Master of Science in community mental health counseling, educational psychology, or marriage and family therapy. Each discipline is geared toward specific career objectives so students must ensure they remain aware of licensure requirements after graduation.
  • University of Nevada-Reno: Located in Reno, the public institution offers a Master of Arts in counseling and educational psychology or experimental psychology for those seeking to become psychotherapists. It also offers a Master of Education or Master of Science in counseling and educational psychology to prepare graduates for school counseling occupations.

Working With Your Master’s Degree in Psychology in Nevada

Exploring a range of career options may help you decide which degree is best suited to your goals. For example, the field of recreational therapy focuses on the use of art, music, and play to assist in counseling or mental healing. Through 2022, demand in Nevada is expected to increase 12% (O*Net, 2015). The statewide average salary for this career is $42,700 per year (O*Net, 2015).

Of course, clinical psychology is a popular choice at this level of study. O*Net predicts a 7% increase in job openings between 2012 and 2022 (2015). Nevada clinical psychologists report an average salary of $66,400 per year (O*Net, 2015).

When you are in the last semester of your education, you should start preparing for any licensing requirements in your intended career path. Counselors, therapists, social workers, and others in the social services field often need to earn an independent practice license before working without supervision.

Are you ready to address the range of mental health care needs in Nevada? If you are, make your move now and contact Nevada Master’s in psychology programs.