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Master’s in Psychology in Delaware

Find Programs for Master’s of Psychology Degrees in Delaware

The Division of Professional Regulation for the State of Delaware is the regulatory agency that licenses marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, and chemical dependency counselors. In total, the agency renews 28,000 licenses annually and issues 11,000 new licenses each year.

Depending on your specialization, employment and wages vary but those who treat substance abuse patients, provide mental health services, or conduct rehabilitation counseling have the best job prospects. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017 data anticipates the job outlook for marriage and family therapists increase by 29 percent between 2012 and 2022. Wilmington has the highest concentration of employment opportunities in the field with an average salary of $56,630 annually.

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Two choices for master’s programs for Delaware students are:

The University of Delaware: Located in Newark, the University of Delaware offers a Master of Arts in school psychology. This is a specialist graduate program for those who intend to continue on to a doctoral program. The curriculum focuses exclusively on counseling in an educational setting and trains students in assessment and evaluation of learning disabilities. Graduates also learn how to design and implement specific educational interventions while working with students, parents, educators, and school administrators.

Wilmington University: A private school, Wilmington University offers a Master of Education in elementary and secondary school counseling. The curriculum is geared toward working in a diverse educational environment with an emphasis on multicultural sensitivity. Students interested in mental health can consider the school’s Master of Science in clinical mental health counseling (CMHC) which also includes a focus on working with diverse populations. Graduates of this program have the option to earn post-graduate certificates in order to specialize in mental health or child and family counseling.