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Today it's easier than ever to get a psychology online degree.  You have a wide range of psychology career specialties to choose from and many schools offer programs that will allow you to earn a psychology degree online.

Want To Know How To Become A Psychologist?

Are you wondering "How long does it take to become a psychologist?"

Then you've come to the right spot. We've got answers to your questions about psychology school, as well as the means to connect you with psychology programs in your area.

Students who want to become a clinical psychologist need to map a plan for earning their Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) or a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD). This is the only way you can qualify to work in a clinical setting or have your own private therapy practice.

It takes many years of psychology education to reach the doctorate level, but the opportunities along the way can make this a great option at the Associate's, Bachelors and Master's online degree in psychology level. You might even find convenient psychology degree online options that appeal to you, in such areas as mental health, social work, substance abuse counseling, behavioral psychology, counseling, industrial organizational psychology, and more...

Our goal is to help you understand your psychology online degrees accredited and career options, whether you're already part of the mental health profession or just starting out. We also aim to keep up with psychology news and current events, regularly adding articles and interviews with experts in the psychology field.

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What Kind Of Psychology Degree Should I Get?

Associate's in Psychology Programs

Even though your career options are limited at this degree level, it can pay off in the long run to focus on psychology this early in the game. When you speak with schools about your Associate's degree psychology course options, make sure you emphasize your goals, especially if you are thinking of becoming a psychologist. Your advisor should be able to help you fill your schedule with as many relevant classes as possible.

Bachelors in Psychology Programs

With a Bachelor's degree in psychology, you can explore many career opportunities while you look towards graduate level training. All sorts of industries hire Bachelor's in psychology degree holders, including advertising, sales, law enforcement, and more. Many of the courses in your bachelor's program can shape your clinical practice in years to come. You might even find Bachelor's psychology degree online accredited programs that focus on your area of interest.

Masters in Psychology

Once you reach the Master's in psychology level, your career opportunities may open up significantly in areas relevant to clinical work. In some states, a psychology Masters degree will qualify you to diagnose patients in clinical settings, as long as you are under supervision by a licensed professional. This degree level can also qualify you for many counselor roles, such as behavioral counselor, child protection worker, developmental specialist, and others. With your Psychology Master's degree, you can also branch out into related areas, including human resources management, marketing research and more.

Doctorate in Psychology

This is the part when your psychology education really pays off. If you earn your PsyD, you will focus on treating patients in clinical settings. Through your doctorate program, you will gain experience in internship settings under the guidance of experienced practitioners. With your PhD in Psychology, you can focus on working in academic or research settings. There are PhD in Clinical Psychology programs that can train you to work with patients as well. Most doctorate programs have GRE and minimum G.P.A. requirements that will depend on the school you choose. Many schools offer a wide variety of specializations for doctorate students as well. Another reason to compare all your psychology degree options!

Watch Interviews With Psychologists and Psych Experts

Below, we interview Dr. Scott Lilienfeld, a psychology professor and researcher at Emory University who studies pseudoscience in psychology, as well as Dr. Ray Green of the Association for Psychological Science. Dr. Lilienfeld is the author of "50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology" and in his interview discusses why these myths are so prevalent, as well as why it's important to think scientifically about pseudo-psychology.

What Can You Do With a Psychology Degree?

2017 Career Outlook For Psychology Graduates

As you can see, there are many options, including online psychology schools, for you to consider when it comes to your education. Let's take a closer look at some of the career paths for professionals with psychology degrees online, so you can identify your areas of interest.

Associate's in Psychology Careers

The American Psychology Association doesn't accredit Psychology Associate's programs because they don't result in psychology careers at this level. However, you can steer your education in this direction if you are just starting out in higher education. An Associate's degree can qualify you for entry-level work in sales, retail and office environments. These may not seem directly related to your psychology goals, but they can have a positive impact on your career in the long run, and will help you learn to study human behavior in natural environments.

Bachelor's in Psychology Occupations

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), you can become a Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor with your Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Working in this type of role while you prepare for graduate level training would be a smart move. Especially if you want to offer therapy for patients who are prone to substance abuse or have specific behavioral disorders. According to 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics information, the median pay for this job was $39,980. Job growth is expected to be 22% from 2014-2024 – much faster than the national average.

Doctorate in Psychology Careers – 2017 Information

If you earn your doctorate level degree in psychology, then congratulations! You can qualify for licensure, if you meet your state's requirements. The BLS states psychologists earned an average wage of $72,580 per year (BLS, 2017).

Here is a quick breakdown of the kinds of work environments that Psychologists typically work in:

  • Elementary and secondary schools (state, local, and private) – 25%
  • Government – 10%
  • Offices of mental health practitioners – 9%
  • Hospitals; state, local, and private – 6%
  • Individual and family services – 5%

Some additional facts about psychology careers, according to 2017 data:

  • Nearly 1 in 3 psychologists reported working as self-employed
  • Psychologists can work alone, as part of teams, performing research, diagnosing patients, or working as consultants
  • Psychologists can set their own hours when they work in a private practice
  • Most research based psychology work takes place in academic settings, such as colleges and universities

When you speak with psychology colleges and universities about their doctorate in psychology programs online, ask what kinds of internship opportunities they can help you pursue. This will be essential to helping you choose the best psychology program for your career goals.

Good luck as you figure out how to become a psychologist on the path that's best for you! Remember to compare online psychology degree accredited programs and campus-based options, and reach out to schools for up to date information about how to earn your degree.

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