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Are you interested in a career working with people? Are you interested in helping others? A degree in psychology might be just right for you. Listed below are accredited schools with psychology programs in West Virginia. Take some time to review your options, then contact the schools you are interested in that offer psychology degrees in WV to get started.

Psychology Education in West Virginia

Psychology is the study of the human mind and obtaining a degree in this field can open the door to many human services jobs. Many people think that psychology majors can only become counselors, but there are many different options with your psychology degree.

Entry level positions obtainable with a bachelor's degree include case management, social work, direct care, community advocacy programs and working with specials needs groups. Often times psychology graduates obtain entry level positions with their bachelor's degree to gain work experience and can sometimes advance to supervisory positions with no further education.

Earning a master's degree will give you a leg up to acquiring supervisory positions, as well as open the door to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Some social worker positions also require a master's degree to work directly with clients. If you want to become a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist, counseling clients, treating them and prescribing medications, then you will need to earn a doctoral degree in psychology.

In most psychology careers, you will be either office or community based. Many case managers and social workers are community-based, meaning they visit clients on site or at their home. Direct care positions often take place in a group home or hospital/inpatient setting. Employment may be through a private organization or a non-profit.

As an independent psychologist, you may find that you want to open your very own private practice. Your clientele will also differ between agencies and specializations. For example, as a counselor, you may choose to specialize in working with teens or women suffering from postpartum depression or as direct care staff you may work with troubled adolescents or mentally ill. Take a look at West Virginia psychology programs below for more information on psychology degrees and opportunities.

Psychology Programs in West Virginia

Whether you're looking for entry level experience or seeking study at the highest levels, you'll likely find what you're looking for in West Virginia. First, you will want to choose what psychology education level you would like to achieve. This may be influenced by the profession which you would like to obtain after school or how many years you'd like to spend enhancing your education.

Many entry level positions require a bachelor's degree in psychology in West Virginia and provide opportunities for certification in your area of employment. If you are interested in counseling or becoming a therapist, you will be required to obtain your Master's and LPC.

To earn your LPC in West Virginia, you will need to meet requirements other than education. After you graduate, you will be required to complete 3,000 hours of work experience under supervision of an LPC. After supervision hours are completed, you will need to take the National Counselor Examination (NCE) which costs $195.00 and then apply upon passing the examination. The application fee is $30.00 and you will need to provide proof of all requirements met. A West Virginia LPC license will need to be renewed on odd numbered years and you will be required to provide proof of continuing education credits you earn.

If your ultimate goal is to become a clinical psychologist, you will need to plan to stay in school long enough to achieve your doctorate's degree, as well as attend medical school so that you can learn the necessities to prescribe medication to and monitor patients under your care. Clinical psychologists are also required to complete an extra 1,500 supervision hours beyond the LPC requirement.

No matter what education level you decide to achieve, program content will include ethics and laws of practice, society and culture, human growth and development, substance abuse and alcohol abuse, psychopathology, lifestyle and career development and group counseling to name a few.

An obstacle for some is financing school, luckily there are scholarships and grants available through the West Virginia Department of Education as well as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

After entering your profession as either a psychologist or psychiatrist, you can become a member of your respective state organization: The West Virginia Psychological Association or the West Virginia Psychiatric Association. These resources can be used for networking, latest research and news in the field, and can be used as resources for licensure requirements, as well.

Outlook for Psychology in West Virginia

Psychology careers are projected to grow within the next years nationwide, and to project similarly in the individual states, including West Virginia. Mental health and social workers in West Virginia make an annual mean wage of $59,060 per year or $28.40 per hour. Counselors, school counselors and therapists in West Virginia make an annual mean wage of $50,770 per year or $24.41 per hour.

If you graduate from your doctorate psychology program and become a clinical psychologist, the average mean wage in West Virginia for those positions is $153,370 per year or $73.74 per hour.

To get started toward earning your psychology degree in West Virginia, contact the schools listed on our site and request additional program materials. Once you've had the chance to review and compare programs, you should be better prepared to choose the WV psychology school that is best for you.

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