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A strong health care system is at the core of every state, and mental health is an increasingly important part of health care in the United States. In the state of Rhode Island, mental health care is of particular significance. The Boston Globe reports on the opening of an urgent mental health clinic in Rhode Island. They note that Rhode Island has one of the highest percentages of people with mental health issues in the United States. If you want to start a career in the field of psychology, Rhode Island may be the place to begin your education.

As you explore your psychology degree options in Rhode Island, consider taking advantage of services offered by a group like the Rhode Island Psychological Association. This group may connect you with mentors, give you information on employment industries in this field, or help you find practical work experiences.

If you’d like to earn a degree in psychology, learn more about psychology programs in Rhode Island by contacting the schools you are interested in today.

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Psychology Education in Rhode Island

There are quite a few psychology degree options in Rhode Island, and choosing the appropriate degree for your career goals is an important part of your education. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, consider furthering your education with a master’s degree, PsyD, or a PhD. These degrees may give you in-depth education in different psychology specialties. If you do not yet have an undergraduate degree, you may want to start with an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in Rhode Island.

If you decide to complete a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you need to take courses in many different areas of psychology. Typically, a baccalaureate psychology curriculum covers five or six different areas, and you can choose courses from each area that interest you. After taking core courses like Experimental Psychology, Social Science Statistics, and History of Psychology, you may move onto courses in Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, and Clinical Psychology. If you wish, you may earn practical experience in a practicum or internship.

Several different organizations and associations fund scholarships in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island Foundation awards scholarships to students with strong academic performance. By contacting the Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority, you may apply for state-funded grants and scholarships.

Outlook for Psychology in Rhode Island

With a psychology degree, you may be able to work in several different settings. Consider looking for jobs in laboratories, colleges and universities, mental health clinics, and medical clinics. Much depends on which type of degree you have.

If you have an undergraduate degree, you may start out in an entry-level career as an assistant or aide. Psychiatric aides in Rhode Island earn an average salary of $36,120 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). You may work as a social services assistant for a non-profit or government agency. The average salary in this field is $30,220 per year (BLS, 2013).

Clinical and teaching careers may be an option for you if you get a Master’s degree in psychology. In the field of mental health counseling, the average salary is $33,800 per year (BLS, 2013). Clinical psychologists earn an average of $93,710 per year (BLS, 2013).

Are you ready to start your new career with a psychology degree? Reach out to Rhode Island psychology programs to begin.