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Alabama offers some of the most up to date and diverse clinical Psychology programs available. Online colleges in Alabama may have traditional psych programs including programs in clinical, child, clinical health, behavioral and neuroscience degree options. You can also find clinical geropsychology, psychology and law, behavioral and brain sciences, as well as traditional therapy based programs such as marriage and family counseling. Alabama not only has programs focusing on the science of psychology, but also in the application of psychology.

Each Alabama psych college has a different focus in the field of psychology. For example, the University of Alabama at Brimingham offers programs in behavioral neuroscience and lifespan developmental psychology, taking a look into the why and how of psychology. Meanwhile, psychology programs at the University of Alabama focus more into the clinical psychology, studying the application of psychology to people and the community. Take some time to look them over, then request information from the psychology schools in Alabama you are interested in attending.

Psychology Education in Alabama

There are multiple psychology schools and programs in Alabama, and the entrance requirements, curriculum and post matriculation job opportunities will depend largely on which type of psychology degree you intend to earn. If you are going for your Bachelor's in Psychology, you will likely take general education courses along with several classes that establish your knowledge base in Psychology.

Each one of the courses you take is intended to provide you with the knowledge base you need to help others from a variety of backgrounds, age groups and needs.

You can also find a good deal of psychology graduate programs in Alabama, as well as doctoral degrees. Some of the more popular options for graduate study include Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology and Clinical Psychology programs in Alabama.

Regardless of which type of degree program you are looking for, Psychology Colleges in Alabama, along with several major Universities likely offer it. Take some time to look over all of the options and submit a request for program information for those that interest you. Once you have enough information to compare programs, you can decide which Psychology program is best for you.

You may want to look into financial aid options as well, if you have any concerns about paying for school. There are quite a few scholarships programs, as well as state-specific scholarships, to help you fund your education. The scholarship programs include the Alabama Student Assistance Program, and the Alabama Student Grand Program and traditional federal aid that can be determined by completing the FAFSA. There are also quite a few merit-based scholarships that you can look into, and the schools you contact should be able to help you find them.

Outlook for Psychology in Alabama

You may be able to make a good living in clinical, counseling, or school psychology in Alabama. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016 data, the mean annual salary for these psychology professions is $70,910, which is significantly higher than many other states. Most positions within this type of psychology career are found in schools, outpatient facilities, state and government offices, psychiatric and substance abuse facilities and agencies providing individual and family services.

If you are looking to earn your PsyD and enter clinical psychology at this level, you must be licensed by the state. You will take your examinations and find the criteria to obtain and maintain practice privileges in the field of psychology through the Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology.

To learn more about the psychology programs in Alabama that interest you contact the psychology schools on this page today.

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