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A degree in general psychology is one of today's highly sought after qualities for an employer. Coursework in psychology can help prepare an employee for several important job functions, such as working in a group, leading a team and understanding workplace dynamics. Psychology can also prepare one to work in the mental health or research fields. In Kentucky, there is an increasing need for qualified individuals with undergraduate or graduate degrees in general psychology.

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Psychology Education in Kentucky

The American Psychological Association offers guidelines for a strong undergraduate program in psychology. According to the APA, if you are pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology, you should be introduced to the basic concepts, theories and methodologies of psychology through introductory courses. In some schools, you will mostly likely be required to take general courses in math, science, philosophy and literature in order to earn your bachelor's degree.

If you are looking to earn your master's degree, you should expect to go more in-depth into the theories and methodologies of psychology. You may be required to take the following courses:

  • Cognitive-behavioral psychology
  • Abnormal psychology
  • Educational psychology
  • Biological psychology

Many programs also require a supervised clinical experience in an internship program. Finally, you will most likely be required to research and defend a thesis to complete your Master's Degree in Psychology.

Lastly, if you are pursuing a doctorate degree in general psychology, you may take courses in advanced theories and research methodologies. You may also take courses in styles of counseling, including group counseling, child psychology, marriage and family therapy and bereavement counseling. You may work with department faculty to conduct and publish research in addition to the student's independent research for a dissertation or capstone project. Finally, most programs require that you participate in supervised clinical internships and practicum to complete your doctoral degree.

License Requirements for Graduates

The Board of Examiners of Psychology is the governing board for licensure as a general psychologist in the state of Kentucky. The organization lists several requirements for those hoping to obtain licensure to practice as a psychologist. First, all candidates must complete a doctoral program in an accredited college or university. The candidate may earn either a PsyD or PhD to qualify. The state of Kentucky requires two years and 3,600 hours of supervised clinical experience. The first year can be completed during the doctorate program and the second year must be completed as a post-graduate. Finally, the candidate must successfully complete a written examination in order to qualify for licensure as a general psychologist.

Outlook for Psychology in Kentucky

In Kentucky, like in much of the United States, the demand for qualified psychologists and psychology majors is increasing rapidly. For those with an undergraduate degree in psychology, a career as a social scientist is a promising option. In Kentucky, the annual average wage was $57,780 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average annual salary for social science technicians is $37,390 as of May 2013. The average annual salary for Child and family Social Workers was $38,360.

For those with advanced degrees, the demand is even higher. In Kentucky, there is a 6.2% annual increase in positions with an average salary of $55,000 a year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists can expect an annual average wage of $55,490. Those with doctoral degrees in psychology may also find positions as university professors or researchers, as researchers in hospitals and clinical settings, as clinicians responsible for diagnosing and treating developmental disabilities in children and as a program manager or employee trainer in corporations.

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