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Do you relate well to people? Are you the friend everyone goes to for advice? If so, a career in psychology might be just the right fit for you! Oklahoma, located in the Midwest, is densely populated and has plenty of opportunities for psychology majors throughout the state. Reach out to the psychology schools listed below to learn more about your options for earning your psychology degree in Oklahoma today.

Psychology Education in Oklahoma

While you may think your career options are limited after obtaining your psychology degree, as it sounds like a very specialized degree, you will likely have many avenues to explore for employment. After graduation, you can choose to enter the workforce in entry level positions such as a case manager, direct care staff or a social worker, or you can continue your education to unlock even more employment opportunities.

For example, if you earn your Master's degree in Psychology in Oklahoma, you can apply for jobs as a therapist, psychologist or counselor, with the specialty you chose determining the setting in which you work. You may choose to become an individual or family counselor, generally working in an office setting or you may decide you would prefer to help students with school and career paths, becoming a school counselor and working at a school.

If your dream is to become a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist, you will need to continue on with your doctoral degree in Psychology. One of the best aspects of obtaining your psychology degree is you can change positions within the social service field, ensuring you flexibility and preventing burnout in your job.

If this sounds like a field you might enjoy, contact the Psychology schools in Oklahoma to find the psychology program that is the best fit for you!

Overview Of Psychology Programs in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has many psychology schools that offer programs at each educational level. To help determine which Oklahoma psychology program is the best fit for you, first you will want decide where you want to go to school and explore tuition assistance programs.

Most schools offer federal student loans and Pell grants, but some also offer scholarships and school sponsored financial aid to students who qualify. Information regarding the school and state financial aid opportunities can be found through the state regent's website. Depending on your financial status or personal history, you may qualify for full financial assistance with your full program paid for by the state.

Next, you will need to decide which level of psychology education which you would like to receive. Remember, you can always alter your educational course by continuing beyond the originally planned degree, or changing specialty paths during your schooling. You can often decide the level of education needed by the career path you would like to choose.

If you hope to become a therapist working with people to overcome challenges, addictions or fears, you will need to complete your bachelor's degree and then continue on to get your master's degree. In Oklahoma, to obtain your Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), you will need to complete at least a master's degree psychology program accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

After graduating with your master's, you will need to work under the supervision of a licensed counselor. You will need to complete three years of supervision, at least 1,000 hours per year, with 350 of each 1,000 hours spent in direct contact with patients. You will also be required to have two observations completed by your supervisor during your supervision.

After completing your education and required supervision, you will need to complete and pass the National Counselor Examination (NCE) administered by the National Board for Certified Counselors, as well as a second exam, the Oklahoma Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Examination (OLERE). After obtaining your LPC, you will be required to complete 20 hours of continuing education credits each year, with three being in ethics, to maintain your license.

If your aspirations are to become a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist, you will need to continue with your doctoral degree after obtaining your master's. Your Oklahoma psychology doctoral program will provide more counseling training and requires you to attend medical school, as well as complete a medical internship.

If you don't quite know which path you would like to take in the psychology field, a bachelor degree may be perfect, offering entry level positions in all areas, and allowing you to obtain experience while you learn more about possible psychology career paths.

Coursework to prepare you for psychology careers will include alcoholism and substance abuse, human sexuality, partner abuse, crisis and trauma, trauma informed care, child abuse and Oklahoma law. Your curriculum with vary according to which program you choose, and may be more focused as you earn higher degrees.

After obtaining your LPC or becoming a psychiatrist, you can become a member of associations, such as the Oklahoma Psychological Association or the Mental Health Association Oklahoma to keep you up to date on the latest practices and laws, as well as allow you to network with other psychologists and psychiatrists.

Outlook for Psychology in Oklahoma

You can start applying for entry level positions with your Bachelor's degree in Psychology in Oklahoma, earning a living wage in a variety of careers. Entry level positions include case workers, case managers and direct care staff and in according to the bureau of labor statistics, these workers earn a mean salary of $46,430 per year or $2.32 per hour.

A master's degree will qualify you for a position as a counselor or therapist, both of which earn a mean salary of $51,060 per year or $24.55 per hour (BLS, 2014). Psychiatrists, who have earned their doctorate's degree, earn a mean salary of $141,430 per year or $68.00 per hour.

Psychology degree careers will likely be available in a variety of fields for years to come, as it is the study of the human mind, which applies to nearly every field of human interaction. Contact the schools you see that offer psychology degrees in Oklahoma to learn more about your options for study today.

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