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Regardless of which career path you're interested in pursuing, you have likely seen the value of higher education. A college degree may be the key to enhancing your critical thinking skills, building a solid base of knowledge in many different areas of study, and finding your ideal career path. If you want to understand people better for your line of work, a psychology degree may be the answer you're looking for. Psychology programs in Maine can help you develop experience in the history, theory, and practice of psychology.

As you begin exploring different psychology degree options in Maine, you may wish to look into professional resources for psychology students and professionals. The Maine Psychological Association provides several resources for students and professionals in this field. Members may have access to legislative advocacy support, legislative update, and continuing education programs. Current graduate and undergraduate students may join the association at the affiliate level.

If you think a psychology degree may be the right choice for you, it's time to look at your education options in Maine. Learn about psychology programs in Maine by contacting those listed below for program details.

Psychology Education in Maine

Psychology programs in Maine come in many different specialties and degree outcomes. If you have never studied at the undergraduate level before, you may want to begin with an associate's degree or bachelor's degree, which require two and four years of study respectively. If you already have a bachelor's degree and you'd like to study psychology on a more in-depth level, consider a master's degree or PhD in psychology. Another option for doctoral students is the PsyD, a doctoral degree that prepares you for clinical practice as a psychologist.

You may explore many areas of psychology while earning an undergraduate degree in this field. Your education may begin with courses like Principles of Psychological Research, Psychology Statistics, General Psychology, and History & Systems of Psychology. Some of the advanced courses you may be able to take include Abnormal Psychology, Sensation & Perception, Evolutionary Psychology, and Psychology of Childhood. At some schools, you have the chance to choose an area of concentration.

When studying psychology, you may be able to apply for different types of financial aid. The American Psychological Association awards numerous scholarships to students in different specialty areas. The Finance Authority of Maine awards several psychology scholarships each year.

Outlook for Psychology in Maine

You may be able to use a psychology degree in many different career fields. Consider looking for positions at social services agencies, non-profit organizations, and community-based organizations. In Maine, psychiatric aides earn an average salary of $23,600 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). Those who become human service assistants report a median income of $30,230 each year (BLS, 2013). The average salary for a social and community service manager is $55,650 per year (BLS, 2013).

If you have a master's degree, PhD, or PsyD, you may have more extensive options to consider. Clinical psychologists report an average income of $80,210 per year (BLS, 2013). Psychology professors report a median salary of $59,050 per year (BLS, 2013).

Now is the time to learn more about psychology programs and get started on your next career. Contact psychology programs in Maine to get started.

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