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Psychology Ph.D. and Psy.D. Degree Programs in Nevada

Find Doctoral Degree Programs in Nevada

Maybe you have an undergraduate degree in psychology and you are ready to jump into an advanced degree. Perhaps you have a Bachelor’s degree in another field and you’re curious about how a Ph.D. could alter your career path.

No matter which group you fit in, a doctorate degree can elevate your understanding of psychology and your ability to apply your understanding to clinical practice. In addition, this degree delves into research at an advanced level.

There are several doctorate degree options available, including Psy.D. and Ph.D. in psychology Nevada programs. Though there are similarities between schools, each program sets its own learning outcomes and requirements. If you know you want to work in a specific area of psychology, either through clinical practice or research, there may be specialized study options available throughout Nevada.

Keep reading to learn more about earning a doctorate in psychology and figure out the best degree for you.

Getting Your Doctorate Degree in Psychology in Nevada

Doctorate in psychology programs in Nevada generally admit students two to three times per year, so it’s important to establish your goals early and contact schools to find out what it takes to be considered for admission. You may need a high score on the GRE, as this is a significant part of the admissions process for most doctoral programs.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in a field other than psychology, you may need to demonstrate your grasp of this subject by taking the psychology GRE or providing proof of undergraduate psychology coursework. Research interests and career goals are also considered at this point, as schools want to accept students whose research goals align well with the research interests of faculty members.

Generally, curricula and learning goals are created for Bachelor’s degree graduates. Students who have a Master’s degree in a relevant area may be able to opt out of some Ph.D. coursework. In total, Ph.D. in psychology programs include between 110 and 115 credits. You may be able to choose a specific area of interest, which drives your research and clinical work.

Nevada Students Studying Together For Online Psychology Doctorate Degree

A general clinical psychology curriculum may include courses similar to those listed below:

  • History and Foundations of Clinical Psychology
  • Assessment of Children
  • Assessment of Adults
  • Statistics for Psychologists
  • Ethics and Professional Issues
  • Diversity Issues in Professional Psychology
  • Psychometrics

As you explore specialized areas of research, you may find that selecting an area of concentration determines the electives and clinical rotations you complete. For example, one option in Nevada is experimental psychology.

To prepare for this research-heavy specialty, you may take classes like:

  • Research Methods
  • Statistics for Psychologists
  • Biological Bases of Behavior
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Systems and Cognitive Psychology

Working With Your Doctoral Degree in Psychology in Nevada

After earning a doctorate in psychology in NV, you must earn your state practice license before you work as a psychologist or advertise yourself as a psychologist. The State of Nevada Board of Psychological Examiners first collects a $100 fee when you submit your application. After you pass the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology, you pay a $270 fee to take the Nevada State Exam, which tests you on Nevada state laws. Upon meeting all of these requirements, you get a license that is good for two years. Every two years, you must pay a renewal fee of $500.

Throughout your career, your growing body of research and experience may contribute to a stronger job outlook and income. Currently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that clinical psychologists earn an average of $68,630 annually (2016). Their statistics indicate an average income of $83,660 per year for psychology professors (BLS, 2016).

Future growth in this industry is expected to remain stable. O*Net reports an expected 7% boost in psychologist jobs and a 12% increase in psychology professor jobs by 2022 (2016).

Whether your psychology career takes you into colleges and universities, mental health clinics, or research labs, you can start your new path now. Take a look at the list of schools below and get in touch with psychology programs in Nevada.

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