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Becoming a Clinical Psychologist in Massachusetts

Find Programs for Clinical Psychology Degrees in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of the top states in the country in which to pursue a graduate degree in clinical psychology according to rankings published by US News and World Report. With highly rated programs right in the Boston Area at schools including Harvard University and Boston University, Massachusetts also boasts programs at various public and private universities across the state.

OnlinePsychologyDegrees.com is a comprehensive resource that shows schools in your area that offer graduate psychology degrees with a focus on clinical studies. With our directory of schools in Massachusetts you can easily request information from multiple schools to be sure you choose the right one for you. Review our directory of featured accredited colleges below to get started!

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Clinical Psychology Education in Massachusetts

Clinical Psychology Schools in Massachusetts

Harvard UniversityPh.D.Cambridge
Boston UniversityPh.D.Boston
University of Massachusetts, AmherstPh.D.Amherst
William James CollegePsy.D.Newton

Students pursuing doctoral degrees in clinical psychology may enter their graduate training with a master’s in psychology, and others may earn this en route to their doctorate. These master’s degrees are not terminal, however, and are only awarded if the entire program is successfully completed.

Students who choose to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology will enroll in doctoral programs that prepare them for jobs in research and education as well as psychological assessment and treatment. Psy.D. programs, however, focus on the development of clinical practitioners with strong backgrounds in the science of psychology.

Scholarships for Clinical Psychology in Massachusetts

Harvard University and Boston University are both examples of graduate school that offer full funding plus stipends and research grants to their students. UMass Amherst waives tuition for its graduate students who work as teaching or research assistants.

In general, Psy.D. students graduate with substantially more debt.  For students who can’t afford the costs, the APA’s database of scholarships is a great resource, and most of the options they list are not location specific.

License Requirements

  • The Massachusetts Board of Registration of Psychologists requires applicants to have completed their doctoral degree. However, you are allowed to complete 1,600 of your required 3,200 hours of supervised experience while completing coursework towards your Ph.D.
  • You must work with a licensed psychologist who provides direct supervision of your interaction with clients for one out of every 16 hours that you work.
  • In addition, applicants are required to obtain three letters of endorsement from psychologists of recognized standing.
  • After you have completed your educational and supervised work experience requirements, you will need to pass both a board-approved national examination in psychology and the Massachusetts Jurisprudence examination. The entire application to apply for licensure is available here.

Career Outlook for Graduates in Massachusetts

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) most recent report, Massachusetts boasts the highest concentration of jobs for clinical psychologists in the country, who earn an average annual salary of $75, 550 (BLS, 2017). In the Boston metropolitan area, the average salary increases by approximately $3,000.

The field is rapidly growing in Massachusetts, and is expected to increase by 18.42% by the year 2024 according to the latest report issued by The Office of Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development. These forecasts, coupled with highly rated educational programs, make Massachusetts an ideal location to pursue a lucrative career in clinical psychology.

Move ahead in your career and pursue a graduate degree in clinical psychology. Use our comprehensive list of schools below to get started!