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Educational Psychology Degree - Indiana

Universities throughout Indiana offer classes leading to an educational psychology degree. While the particular program focus or degree title may vary from school to school, the contents of the material will cover the aspects of cognition and learning found in an educational psychology program. Degrees can also be obtained online through distance learning universities that maintain a focus in psychology.

Educational psychology degrees are graduate level studies that build upon the student's previous training in psychology or education. A prospective student must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution to pursue this specialization in psychology. Degree programs begin with a 2-year master's level education that can be improved by an additional year of study in a specialization within the field of educational psychology. Additionally, doctoral degrees are available at some institutions which are the highest level of education available in this field.


Class Selection and Course Offerings

Students pursuing coursework at the graduate level in psychology should expect to successfully complete coursework in the following areas among several others.

  • Information Processing in Decision Making
  • Speech Perception
  • The Focus of Attention
  • Control of Memorial Systems
  • Shared Cognitive Processing


License Requirements in the Field of Educational Psychology

In Indiana, licensure of psychologists in all specializations is managed by the Indiana State Psychology Board which is a division of the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. To obtain a license, it is necessary for the psychologist to have a doctoral degree from an accredited institution, show proof of work-related experience in the industry, and pass an examination administered by the Indiana State Psychology Board as well as passing a criminal background check. Licenses will need to be renewed annually, and this can be done online under normal circumstances.


Employment Outlook and Earning Potential

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, educational psychologists earn a mean annual income of $66,200 with the top 10% earning just under $100,000 per year. The psychologist's level of education, work experience, and section of the workforce will factor into each individual's earning potential.

In Indiana and across the nation, job opportunities for educational psychologists are expected to rise by 22% until the year 2020 when national statistics will be re-evaluated. Educational psychologist will find employment in primary and secondary schools throughout the state as well as in research facilities, business environments, and with colleges and universities. This rising demand and many available opportunities make this an attractive industry for future graduates.


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