Online Learning - Is It For Me?

The Internet’s created some significant changes in our world over the last fifteen years. One of the most controversial (but potentially beneficial) changes is the advent of online learning. The concept’s simple. We have the technology to talk to each other, see each other, and send information to each other over the Internet. Why not use that technology to make education more accessible, by extending it outside of the physical classroom?

It’s a great concept, and it’s expanded educational opportunities for many people who previously weren’t able to go to school because of work or family commitments, or their location. However, it’s also driven the creation of many new schools, since eliminating the classroom and the dorms also eliminates one of the major challenges for starting a new university - getting the real estate. One of the missions of this website is to help you answer some of the central questions surrounding online education:

  • Is online learning appropriate for the kind of degree I need?
  • How do I pick a school?
  • Will employers take my degree seriously?
  • What am I missing out on by learning through a computer?

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