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Overview of Cognitive Psychology Programs in Indiana

 As a psychology student, you enjoy many professional benefits. Once you have a basic understanding of psychology as a whole, you can delve into specific areas of study and shape your career. The field of cognitive psychology is one with great potential.

This specialty has contributed to many advances in various psychological specialties, including abnormal psychology, educational psychology, social psychology, and counseling psychology. Depending on the processes and parts of the brain you decide to focus on, you may be able to uncover crucial findings that advance psychology as a field.

As you look into cognitive psychology programs in IN, consider different ways you can make the most of your education. You may want to join a group like the <a href=“” target=“_blank”>Indiana Psychological Association</A>, which serves psychologists, research professionals, and mental health professionals. By working with professionals in cognitive psychology and other specialties, you can build a strong knowledge base that helps you thrive.

Learn more about cognitive psychology degree options and reach out to Indiana schools for more information.

Cognitive Psychology Education in Indiana

 In Indiana, cognitive psychology programs exist at the post-undergraduate level. For that reason, you need a Bachelor’s degree prior to beginning coursework in this area. A degree in psychology, biology, or similar field may give you an advantage, but you may be able to apply to schools with a degree from another field.

To catch up, you may need to take the psychology GRE in addition to other GRE examinations. Furthermore, strong academic performance is required. Coursework in statistics and research procedures is beneficial.

Both graduate and doctoral degree programs are structured very similarly. First, you take a core set of courses across a variety of cognitive psychology specialties. From there, you choose electives that fit your career goals and your research interests.

Different schools have different areas of research, and it’s important to select a program with research experience in your area. Some potential areas of research include speech perception, choice behavior, sensory information processing, the focus of attention, short and long-term memory, visual and auditory imagery, and conceptual representation.

Required courses vary between schools. Some of the courses you may enroll in include:

  • Computer Application in Psychological Research
  • Neurophysiological Techniques: Theory and Methods
  • Psychophysics of Vision
  • Psychophysiology of Vision
  • Readings in Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Attitudes and Attitude Changes
  • Psychology of Language
  • Perception and Sensory Memory
  • Attention and Short-Term Memory
  • Learning and Long-Term Memory
  • Knowledge Systems and Problem Solving
  • Working Memory
  • Sleep and Stress
  • Language Development
  • Sleep, Cognition, and Psychopathology
  • Pragmatics of Language Use
  • Spatial Cognition
  • Neurophysiology of Stress

The type of degree you earn is the main factor in the amount of time you spend in school. At the graduate degree level, plan on spending about two years in school. If you opt for a PhD, you may spend between five and seven years finishing your degree. In both cases, your schedule must include laboratory work, research work, and theory coursework.

Cognitive Psychology Careers in Indiana

 With a cognitive psychology degree, you may go into a few targeted career paths. A lot depends on your connections and your education. Some of the top cognitive psychology schools in IN have strong internship programs and ties with local research institutions, helping students find positions prior to graduation. Try to get some practical research experience prior to graduation, both to flesh out your CV and to get professional contacts.

In the field of research, consider working as a social science research assistant. This may give you the opportunity to gain experience and build your research skills. The average salary in Indiana is $41,480 per year (<a href=“” target=“_blank”>Bureau of Labor Statistics</A>, 2016). Through 2022, you may see job openings in this field increase 11% (<a href=“” target=“_blank”>O*Net</A>, 2016).

With seniority and experience, you may look into becoming a clinical research coordinator. Professionals in this position have an average income of $66,110 annually (<a href=“” target=“_blank”>BLS</A>, 2016). A 12% jump in job openings is predicted through 2022 (<a href=“” target=“_blank”>O*Net</A>, 2016).

Professors participate in post-secondary teaching and research. Indiana psychology professors earn an average salary of $80,510 per year (<a href=“” target=“_blank”>BLS</A>, 2016). <A href=“” target=“_blank”>O*Net</A> anticipates a 10% swell in job openings through 2022 (2016).

Although a lot has been discovered about the field of cognitive psychology in recent years, there is still so much yet to be studied.

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Cognitive Psychology Degree Programs

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Ball State University (Muncie, IN)
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Master of Arts in Cognitive and Social Processes
Hanover College (Hanover, IN)
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Major in Psychology - Cognitive Science
Indiana University Bloomington (Bloomington, IN)
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Doctor of Philosophy in Cognitive Psychology
Doctor of Philosophy in Cognitive Psychology - Mathematical Psychology
Manchester College (North Manchester, IN)
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Major in Psychology - Cognitive Psychology
Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN)
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Doctor of Philosophy in Psychological Sciences - Cognitive
University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, IN)
Programs Offered:
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology - Cognitive

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