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Overview of Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs in Maryland

Completing your education often comes with a range of benefits, from increased career options to a sense of personal satisfaction. This is especially true in the field of psychology, where your education may lead to an in-depth understanding of human emotions and actions. You can use this knowledge in many different industries, from business and management to human services and education. Find out more about Bachelor's in psychology in Maryland programs to get started.

An education in the field of psychology can help you benefit from one of the biggest industries in Maryland: health care. Millions of Maryland residents have access to health care for the first time, increasing the state's need for counseling and mental health services. Starting with a Bachelor's degree in psychology gives you the background and experience you need to apply for a range of entry-level health care and human services jobs throughout the state.

Psychology Bachelor's Degrees in Maryland

As you start comparing different Bachelor of Science in psychology programs in Maryland, you may want to look at the curriculum of each school to find out what you can learn as a student. Some schools may have different specialties or well-known faculty in specific areas of research. Common areas of study in Maryland include social psychology, experimental psychology, psychological research, and occupational psychology.

No matter which school you choose, the time requirements are the same. To graduate with a Bachelor in psychology in Maryland, you must earn 120 credits. These credits are spread amongst psychology courses and general education courses. The average student takes four years to complete this degree, although your investment may be more or less, depending on how many credits you take at a time. While working toward your Bachelor's degree, you may take courses in many different areas of study. Classes that may be part of your curriculum include Experimental Psychology, Statistics for Social Sciences, Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Language and the Brain, and Drugs & Behavior.

Paying for school can be a significant obstacle for many students. By looking into financial aid options ahead of time, you can prepare properly for your education and avoid excess student debt. The Workforce Shortage Student Assistance Grant Program is offered through the state, and you may qualify if you are interested in working in Maryland after graduation.

Outlook for Psychology Careers in Maryland

When you start your new career, you may want to connect with other psychology professionals. Look into joining a group like the Maryland Psychological Association, which connects graduates with job opportunities and supports those in the community who need mental health services.

Overall, the job outlook in Maryland is very positive. Through 2022, O*Net anticipates a 7% increase in job openings for psychiatric technicians and social services assistants. They predict a 6% increase for school social workers (O*Net, 2012). Salaries in Maryland, on average, are on par with nationally reported salaries. Family social workers report an average income of $46,800 per year, while social services assistants earn an average of $29,200 each year (O*Net, 2014). The median income for psychiatric technicians is $35,700 annually (O*Net, 2014).

Psychology can be an extraordinarily rewarding and exciting field. Reach out to psychology programs in Maryland to get started today.

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