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Educational Psychology Degree - Iowa

In Iowa, Educational psychology degree programs are available through the University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa and online as well. Students interested in a career in the educational specialization of psychology will need to determine which type of program is right for them.

The programs available to students in Iowa are a master's degree in educational psychology or a doctor of philosophy in educational psychology. Both programs follow the successful completion of undergraduate studies in psychology, education, or a related field.

Both the master's and doctorate programs are designed to teach students the fundamentals of educational psychology, but the doctorate will allow students to design, carry-out, and publish independent research relevant to this discipline.


Program Curriculum

Students should expect to take the following classes in addition to others depending upon their academic interests and career goals.

  • Understanding Educational Research
  • Educational Psychology for Effective Teaching
  • Child Development
  • Design of Instruction
  • Cognitive Theories of Learning
  • Human Ability


Licensure in Iowa for Educational Psychologists

Anyone hoping to work as a psychologist in Iowa is required to be licensed with the state to do so. In order to become licensed, one must show proof of a doctoral degree in psychology from an appropriately accredited university by providing his or her transcripts during the application process. Additionally, the Iowa Board of Psychology requires the applicant to take and pass an examination and show proof of 1500 hours of industry-related work experience.

The Iowa Board of Psychology is a division of the state's Bureau of Professional Licensure established to promote and protect the health of Iowa residents.


Job Outlook and Employment Opportunities

A psychologist working in the specialized field of educational psychology will find employment as primary or secondary school counselors where he or she will either work directly with children or with teachers or school administrators. Either designation is intended to improve the learning opportunities for students within the Iowa education system.

The growing number of students being enrolled in Iowa schools is increasing the demand for professionals in educational psychology. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities in this specialization is expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations.

Professionals in this industry earn an average annual salary of $70,010. Educational psychologists with substantial work experience and particularly useful primary research can earn in excess of $105,000 per year in Iowa.


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