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Overview of Doctorate in Psychology Degree Programs in Kentucky

There are several doctorate degrees available for aspiring Kentucky psychologists. Whether you have been preparing for a psychology career for years or you are just starting to consider your options in this field, consider doctoral programs if you already have a Bachelor's degree.

Kentucky is one state that can really benefit from an increase in psychology practitioners. Their large rural population often struggles with access to care providers, particularly in specialties like mental health. If you would rather influence the field in another way, you may conduct research, teach future psychologists, or advocate for the future of mental health options. No matter what your career goals are, you can speak with advisors and compare programs to find an option that is well suited to your future career.

Kentucky schools may be the next step in your training. Take a look at the list below and contact the best PsyD in psychology programs in Kentucky.

Getting Your Doctorate Degree in Psychology in Kentucky

As a Bachelor's degree graduate, you can apply to almost any doctoral psychology program in Kentucky. However, as you learn more about the variety of doctoral degrees, you may wonder which one is right for your career. Ed.D in psychology programs in Kentucky are the least common option. They are part of a university's education program, which means that they may be better for students with prior experience in teaching. If you have a psychology background or have studied in another field, PhD and PsyD programs may be a better choice.

In a PhD program, plan on learning skills that you can use in teaching, research, and clinical work. Over the course of 90 credits, you should put these skills to work and a variety of settings.

Your PhD curriculum may include courses like:

  • Statistics and Research Design
  • Social Psychology and Cultural Diversity
  • Cognitive Bases of Behavior
  • Topics in Psychology Practice
  • Biological Bases of Behavior
  • Topics in Individual Differences
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Psychological Training and Development

Kentucky PsyD programs are somewhat similar to PhD options, with one important difference. While PhD programs give equal weight to research, teaching, and clinical work, PsyD programs provide far more clinical training and information. You may earn 120 credits while studying psychology theory, completing a year-long internship, and going through a variety of practicum courses. Some Kentucky institutions focus on work in rural communities, which may entail learning about the unique needs of rural patients and tailoring your services to be effective in these regions.

PsyD courses in Kentucky include:

  • Psychological Statistics
  • Psychopathology
  • Systems of Psychotherapy
  • Professional Issues in Clinical Psychology
  • Broad Training in Clinical/Social/Cognitive Psychology
  • Multicultural Psychology
  • Psychological Assessment and Intervention

For both degree programs, plan on earning over 1000 work hours in clinical experiences, internships, and research courses.

Working With Your Doctoral Degree in Psychology in Kentucky

Through the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology, you may begin the process of earning your psychologist certification. Initially, you must submit information on your employment experience, proof of your doctoral education, three reference letters, and official transcripts. Furthermore, you need a passing score on the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology.

You may choose to go into research, teaching, or clinical work. If you choose education or research, you may need to gain experience in entry-level positions before you can have your own courses and be responsible for research projects. Kentucky psychologists currently bring in an average salary of $65,810 per year, compared to an average income of $82,980 for psychology professors (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).

Job outlook expectations are similar in these two fields. By 2022, you may see a 17% increase in psychologist jobs and a 16% increase in psychology professor jobs (O*Net, 2016).

With the right education, you may take your career to new heights. Get in touch with local PhD and top PsyD in psychology programs in Kentucky now, using our list below.

Featured Online Doctorate in Psychology Programs:

Online programs may not be available in all states
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Spalding University (Louisville, KY)
Programs Offered:
Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology
Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology - Adult Psychology
Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology - Child/Adolescent/Family Psychology
Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology - Forensic Psychology
Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology - Health Psychology
University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY)
Programs Offered:
PhD in Clinical Psychology
PhD in Counseling Psychology
PhD in Educational Psychology - Academic Motivation
PhD in Educational Psychology - Human Development Across the Lifespan
PhD in Educational Psychology - Multicultural Education
PhD in Educational Psychology - Quantitative Research Methods
PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences
PhD in School Psychology
PhD. in Experimental Psychology
PhD. in Experimental Psychology - Animal Learning, Behavior, and Cognition
PhD. in Experimental Psychology - Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychopharmacology
PhD. in Experimental Psychology - Cognitive Psychology
PhD. in Experimental Psychology - Developmental Psychology
PhD. in Experimental Psychology - Social Psychology
University of Louisville (Louisville, KY)
Programs Offered:
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology - Clinical Psychology
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology - Experimental Psychology
Doctor of Philosophy of Education Counseling and Personnel Services

In addition to the campus based programs, there are numerous online programs available for many of the common Psychology degree types (Associate, Bachelors, Masters, PhD) and specialties. Please feel free to use the links on the left-hand side of this page to explore some of the online degree programs available. Thanks for visiting!

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