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Educational Psychology Degree - Florida 

Educational psychology degree programs can be found throughout the state of Florida and can be obtained through online institutions as well. It is important for the interested student to make sure that whatever university he or she chooses has an appropriate accreditation necessary for licensing upon the completion of the degree program.

Educational psychology degree programs available through Florida universities build upon undergraduate studies in psychology or education. A bachelor's degree is required for admission into this graduate level academic track. A qualified student may choose a master's degree option, a specialization, or a doctoral degree program. Each level of advancement in education will increase the individual's employment opportunities and earnings potential.


Coursework Requirements for Educational Psychology Degrees

Course requirements for an educational psychology degree will include the successful completion of the following classes combined with others determined by the individual's academic goals.

  • Issues and Problems in School Psychology
  • Practicum in School Psychology
  • Learning Theory
  • Developmental Psychopathology
  • Seminar in Cultural Diversity


Florida License Standard for School Psychologists

Established by the Florida Administrative Register & Florida Administrative Code, School psychologists must obtain a license with the state and keep that license current throughout their working careers.

In order to obtain a license, a student must show proof that he or she has successfully completed an appropriate, accredited degree program and also show a minimum of three years working experience within the field of educational psychology. Additionally, a candidate for licensure is required to take and pass an examination. Licenses are awarded and renewed in Florida by the Department of Health and must be updated on a biennial basis.


Job Outlook and Salary Information

Employment prospects in the educational psychology specialization can expect good opportunities in Florida and across the nation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth in this sector is expected to exceed the average for all occupations. Job growth is estimated to be 22% until 2020.

Also reported by the BLS, average income is $68,290 per year for school psychologists. The top 90% exceeds $90,000 while the bottom 10% exceeds $40,000. This salary range represents the entry-level positions filled by qualified, licensed graduates and the top earners who have completed higher levels of education.

Two-year master's degree holders will populate the lower income range with 3-year specialization degrees earning slightly more and doctoral degree holders rounded out the highest income brackets.


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