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Educational Psychology Degree - Alabama

Individuals in Alabama have a few different options for obtaining an outpatient department degree in educational psychology. Degrees can be achieved both online and at traditional brink-and-mortal universities within the state with the University of Alabama providing the largest selection of options.

All educational psychology degrees are part of a graduate program that builds upon undergraduate coursework primarily in psychology but also in education. Students may choose a master's program, a specialization, or a doctoral degree. Doctoral degrees build upon what is learned in coursework necessary for a specialization in educational psychology which is in addition to what the master's program provides. Each higher degree increases the student's employment opportunities and earnings potential upon completion.


Coursework and Curriculum

Students pursuing this career track will be required to take advanced degree coursework containing but not limited to some combination of the following classes depending upon his or her particular career goals.

  • Educational Psychology
  • Development of Self-Regulation
  • Authentic School Learning and Teaching
  • Social and Cultural Basis of Behavior
  • Personality and Social Development
  • Psychological Study of Learners


Psychology Licensing in Alabama

In Alabama, licensure for professions in psychology is provided through the Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology. Licensure is based upon a review of the applicant's educational transcripts and must be renewed annually. This is established under Alabama law code Title 34, Chapter 26.


Employment Outlook for Educational Psychology Graduates

Employment opportunities will be directly related to the level of education completed. The master's degree provides only a foundation for the knowledge gained from specializations or doctorial programs, and as such, qualifies graduates for entry-level positions typically with public or private schools up to the high school level. Further study leading to a specialization opens up opportunities in business or research which can be expanded upon with the successful completion of a doctoral program.

Wage information taken from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the mean annual income for individuals in the field of educational psychology is $66,810. This figure is the average for psychologists working in a school environment, so it can be increased by finding work in business or research capacities within the education industry. To obtain these types of positions one would need at least a specialization degree which is in addition to the 2-year master's program. The U.S. BLS indicates also that employment opportunities are expected to increase faster than average for all occupations.

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