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If you are thinking of becoming a counselor in Oklahoma, you may want to take some time to explore your options for studying psychology in the state. The minimum educational credential that you need to work as a counseling psychologist in Oklahoma is likely a graduate degree. Most psychology graduate schools in Oklahoma require that prospective students submit an application and fee, a transcript showing they have earned a bachelor's degree and at least three letters of recommendation. Additionally, you can expect to complete a personal interview with the admissions representative of each graduate school you apply to. A high percentage of people who work as counseling psychologists have also earned a PhD or PsyD in Psychology in Oklahoma.

The following represents some of the coursework you can expect to complete while earning your graduate counseling psychology degree program in Oklahoma:

  • Behavioral Modification Techniques
  • Group Dynamics
  • Counseling Theory and Application
  • Understanding Mental Health Conditions
  • Cultural Differences in Counseling

Licensing Requirements for Counseling Psychologists in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma State Board of Licensed Professional Counselors is responsible for developing and enforcing licensing credentials for current and future counselors. To earn the title of Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), the following requirements must be met:

  • Minimum of a graduate degree in counseling or a related mental health field
  • At least 60 semester hours must be earned at a regionally or nationally accredited college
  • Coursework must be completed in at least 10 core areas as determined by the State Board
  • Internship of at least 300 clock hours
  • 3,000 hours of full-time professional counseling experience supervised by an approved LPC supervisor over a three-year period
  • 750 hours must include direct face-to-face contact with clients
  • 45 minutes of direct face-to-face supervision is required for every 20 hours of client contact
  • Passing score on the National Counseling Exam (NCE) and the Oklahoma Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Exam

Career Outlook for Counseling Psychologists in Oklahoma

Working as a counselor in Oklahoma offers a variety of options and the potential for a comfortable salary. An Occupational and Employment Wages report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2014 indicates a median annual salary of $51,060 for clinical, counseling and school psychologists. The BLS also lists numerous other job titles under the general heading of psychologists. With a counseling psychology degree, you may apply to work as a clinical, developmental, industrial, school or forensic counselor in a variety of locations and settings across the state.

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Northeastern State University (Tahlequah, OK)
Programs Offered:
Master of Science in Counseling Psychology
Northwestern Oklahoma State University (Alva, OK)
Programs Offered:
Master of Counseling Psychology - Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Master of Counseling Psychology - Professional Counselor
Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK)
Programs Offered:
Master of Science in Educational Psychology - Counseling Psychology
Southern Nazarene University (Bethany, OK)
Programs Offered:
Master of Science in Counseling Psychology
University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK)
Programs Offered:
Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program
University of Phoenix (Oklahoma City, OK)
Programs Offered:
BS in Psychology (online)