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Cognitive Psychology Programs in West Virginia 

Overview of Cognitive Psychology Programs in West Virginia

Human thought is one of the most complex and mysterious parts of psychology. Previous generations of psychologists had to rely on client self-reports to analyze thought. This notoriously unreliable method of study made it difficult to fully explore thought processes.

Cognitive psychology has taken this part of psychology to the next level.

Though psychologists still use client reports to gain information on different connections, they also use brain scanning, animal modeling, and other types of research. You may get more information on ongoing research in your state by joining the West Virginia Psychological Association, a major resource for psychology professionals all over West Virginia.

Discover what opportunities are available in your state’s psychology community.

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Cognitive Psychology Education in West Virginia

With the list of cognitive psychology universities in West Virginia, you can quickly get an overview of your options and find a school that may get you closer to your career goals.

There are several factors to consider while choosing a graduate or doctoral program, the first of which is whether you plan on earning a Master’s degree or a PhD. A Master’s degree requires approximately four semesters of study, compared to the five to seven years required for a PhD.

Those who want to go into academia as professors or lecturers typically need PhD degrees, so your career options may determine which degree suits you.

You should also find an advisor prior to enrolling in a graduate or doctoral program. Your school’s website should provide research information and contact information for faculty members. It may also show you which faculty members are accepting new students. By reaching out to professors and building a bond with potential advisors, you may find one who makes you feel excited about chasing your research interests.

Course options are another factor to weigh. Many topics are similar across cognitive psychology programs, but some schools have specialized options that set them apart from other programs.


Course Options at Cognitive Psychology Universities in West Virginia

  • Behavioral Neuroscience Theory and Methods
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Conceptual Issues in Developmental Psychology
  • Behavior Theory and Philosophy
  • Stimulus Control and Memory
  • Reinforcement and Punishment
  • Advanced Analysis of Behavior
  • Psychopharmacology


When you talk to advisors at each school, find out more about internship and fellowship opportunities. These experiences can impact your career and help you develop your professional skills, making the most of your cognitive psychology studies in West Virginia.


Cognitive Psychology Careers in West Virginia

West Virginia psychology graduates may look into many different work settings to compare career paths in the social sciences. While job outlook statistics are not available in West Virginia, salary estimates indicate that West Virginia’s salaries are in line with national averages.

Social sciences research assistants gain valuable experience in the world of psychological experimentation and research while developing skills that may advance their career.

In West Virginia, research assistants earn an average of $47,480 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). Clinical research coordinators often work in hospital research wings, institutional research facilities, and academic institutions. They currently earn an average salary of $104,370 annually (BLS, 2016).

Becoming a professor generally requires, at minimum, a PhD and a body of published research. Other requirements depend on the hiring requirements and the prestige of a specific institution. The average cognitive psychology salary in West Virginia for a professor is $61,490 per year (BLS, 2016).

No one knows what the future of psychology will bring. It’s decided by those who develop and carry out research. Become part of this exclusive group; find out how by contacting cognitive psychology colleges in West Virginia.

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