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If you are like the vast majority of undergraduate students, you aren't simply going back to school for the fun of it. Rather, you want to use your education to improve your career prospects, tackle opportunities in different industries, and contribute more to every job title you take on as a professional. The field of psychology can help you achieve these goals. Since psychology is an interdisciplinary field of study, it combines critical thinking skills with information from many different industries to create graduates who are prepared for the challenges of the professional world.

In West Virginia, psychology graduates often utilize their knowledge and education to improve many industries. Mental health is a growing area of concern in many parts of the United States, including West Virginia. As a psychology graduate, you can use your background knowledge to help residents get access to the services they need, strengthen the health services that are available, and help residents navigate the confusing labyrinth of social services.

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Psychology Bachelor's Degrees in West Virginia

When you enroll in a psychology program in West Virginia, you can count on studying some of the latest theories and discoveries in the world of psychology. Furthermore, you may explore the history of this industry, major thinkers, and theories or schools of thoughts that were ultimately proven incorrect. A Bachelor of Science in psychology in West Virginia can provide you with a strong knowledge base and the skills you need to put psychological theories to work in different settings.

Over a period of about eight semesters, you can meet the requirements of a Bachelor in psychology in West Virginia and feel confident about the knowledge you have obtained in this field. Looking at the curriculum for each school in your area can make it easier for you to choose a school that is in line with your goals and educational aspirations. Courses that are commonly included in a psychology Bachelor's degree in West Virginia include Comparative Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Analytic Research, Experimental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Organizational Psychology.

In an effort to strengthen the social services field of West Virginia, local employers and agencies offer scholarships to students earning a Bachelor's in psychology in West Virginia. Through the College Foundation of West Virginia, you can apply for scholarships that are worth up to $20,000 each.

Outlook for Psychology Careers in West Virginia

Switching career paths is a big task, and it can help to connect with those who have successfully made their way in this field. You may find the professional support you need when you join a local group like the West Virginia Psychological Association.

Job growth rates vary significantly between career paths, so you may want to research local job openings and employers throughout your education. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net expects the demand for psychiatric technicians to increase by 4% and job openings for human service assistants to increase by 22%.

Your salary may be dependent on whether you work for a private employer or a nonprofit agency, as many graduates work in a nonprofit setting. The average salary for a West Virginia psychiatric technician is $18,500 per year and the median income for a human service assistant is $25,600 per year (O*Net, 2014).

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