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Educational Psychology Degree - Mississippi

Mississippi State University provides the greatest number of options for students interested in an educational psychology degree program in Mississippi. This university allows students to begin their educational psychology studies at the undergraduate level with a Bachelor of Science program. The school then offers graduate degree programs that build upon what the student has learned. Masters and doctoral programs focus the student's coursework into an intensive study of this specialized area of psychology.

Students may also choose to begin their college training at junior colleges throughout the state and transfer into the learning track provided at Mississippi State. Additionally, several online universities offer educational psychology degrees at the national level that are also available to residents within this state.


Program Requirements and Class Selections

Students hoping to gain a degree in educational psychology should expect to take the following required classes in addition to their general studies requirements and classes directed towards their ultimate academic focus.

  • Human Growth and Development
  • Principles of Educational Psychology
  • Applied Learning Theory
  • Education and Psychological Statistics
  • Cognitive Science
  • Language and Thought


License Requirements for Psychologists in Mississippi

Like all states in the nation, Mississippi requires individuals to have a license to professionally work as a psychologist, and the Mississippi Board of Psychology is responsible for issuing and monitoring licenses awarded to successful applicants.

Applicants for licensure are required to pass an examination given by the Mississippi Board of Psychology as well as show proof of educational accomplishments by providing transcripts detailing all college level coursework from accredited institutions. The applicant must also have two years of supervised practical experience working in the field of psychology prior to applying for a license. During the process of applying for a license, applicants may be given a temporary license at defined stages of the process until the full requirements for licensure are compete.


Job Opportunities and Earnings Potential

There are many opportunities for employment in the state of Mississippi for students who have obtained a degree in educational psychology. Licensed psychologists may work in the field of their primary specialization within the state's educational system or find opportunities in other areas such as counseling or clinical practice using the skills required for their degrees.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, opportunities for psychologists are expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations at a rate of 22% through the year 2020. The BLS also reports that the average annual income in Mississippi for psychologists is $50,660.


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