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People seek help from a counseling psychologist for a variety of reasons including depression, family stress, marriage issues, drug and alcohol addiction, abuse issues and more. They are vulnerable at these times and need the assistance of a therapist who is caring and empathetic. However, the counseling psychologist must also have the skills to gently teach his or her client to make changes. Most organizations that hire psychologists require a minimum of a graduate degree for clinical practice of this nature.

Mississippi colleges can prepare students for a future as a counseling psychologist by providing courses in abnormal psychology, professional communication skills, ethics in psychology, human development and research methods. The first two years of a graduate degree program in counseling psychology focus on coursework while subsequent years focus on gaining hands-on clinical experience. Psychology students may choose one of the following concentrations while in school:

  • Forensic counseling
  • Health psychology
  • Child and adolescent psychology
  • Geriatric psychology
  • School counseling
  • Industrial psychology

Psychology Licensing Requirements in Mississippi

The Mississippi State Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional Counselors oversees the licensure requirements for current and future counseling psychologists. A Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Mississippi must:

  • Complete a master degree or educational specialist degree in counseling education from a regionally or nationally accredited college
  • Complete 60 semester hours in 10 content areas
  • Complete 3,500 hours of supervised counseling experience in a clinical setting
  • Complete 1,750 of above hours after receiving graduate degree
  • 1,167 of initial hours requirement must be in direct counseling to clients or in activities related to counseling
  • 100 hours of direct supervision is required
  • Supervision must be provided by a Mississippi Board Qualified Supervisor
  • Passing score on the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam (NCMHE)

Career Outlook for Counseling Psychologists in Mississippi

A 2014 report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicated that the median annual salary for clinical, counseling and school psychologists in Mississippi was $53,210. Once you obtain your degree and your license, you may choose to apply for a variety of positions including those of marriage and family counselors, substance abuse counselors, school and career counselors or industrial psychologists. Take some time to request program information from the Mississippi counseling psychology programs listed on our site to get detailed information.

Counseling Psychology Degree Programs

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Millsaps College (Jackson, MS)
Programs Offered:
Major in Psychology - Counseling Psychology
University of Southern Mississippi (Hattiesburg, MS)
Programs Offered:
MS in Counseling Psychology
PhD in Counseling Psychology
William Carey University (Hattiesburg, MS)
Programs Offered:
Master of Science in Counseling Psychology
Master of Science in Counseling Psychology - Psychometrics
Master of Science in Counseling Psychology - School Counseling