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Overview of Cognitive Psychology Programs in Rhode Island

New England has a reputation for its strong academic community, making this a great area for those who want to leave their mark on the world of psychology. With highly ranked psychology programs throughout the region, you may be able to choose a program and advisor that are a good fit for your research interests.

In the field of cognitive psychology, there are many possible areas of focus and study. Since this field covers brain structure, function, and testing, it spans a range of diverse topics like memory, perception, language acquisition, emotion, and learning.

As you compare cognitive psychology schools in RI, consider becoming an active player in this states community of psychology professionals. You may get the inside scoop on research, find a mentor, and even get access to exclusive internship opportunities. The Rhode Island Psychological Association includes professionals from many different areas of specialized study, expanding potential networking options.

Are you ready to take the next step in your education with a degree in cognitive psychology? Get more information on local school options with our list of Rhode Island psychology programs below.

Cognitive Psychology Education in Rhode Island

 If you want to explore high-level careers and research opportunities in cognitive psychology, your best option may be a Master's degree or PhD. While you can study psychology at the Bachelor's degree level, in-depth research skills are built in graduate and doctoral programs, so you may find that a higher degree can strengthen future career options.

If you opt for a Master's degree in cognitive psychology, you may graduate in as little as two years after completing between 30 and 45 credits. If you decide to earn the title of “doctor” by completing a PhD, anticipate being in school for four to six years.

To enroll in a psychology program at this level, you must have a Bachelor's degree. A Bachelor's degree in psychology is a big advantage, but many of the best psychology programs in RI accept students from other fields as long as they have a promising academic record and potential in this field.

In Rhode Island, you may be able to choose between experimental and clinical programs. Experimental programs are ideal for those who want to work in research, while clinical programs are intended for those who hope to go into clinical practice as therapists and psychologists.

Both options involve extensive experience requirements, but in an experimental program your experience may come from research studies and statistical analysis, while your clinical experience may be spent working with patients in a supervised setting.

There are several courses that are commonly required across different cognitive psychology programs.

Courses Offered in Cognitive Psychology Programs

  • Clinical Decision Making
  • Cognitive Psychology Foundations
  • Psychometrics
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Psychopathology and Exceptionalities
  • Research and Quantitative Methods
  • CNS Neuroscience
  • Applied Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Acquired Cognitive Communication Disorders
  • Reading Acquisition and Reading Disabilities
  • Neuropsychology

Cognitive Psychology Careers in Rhode Island

If you earn a degree in clinical psychology, you may look for positions at hospitals, mental healthcare centers, private clinics, and other healthcare settings. However, since cognitive psychology is often focused on research, you may use your education in a research-focused role.

New researchers may get started by becoming social sciences research assistants. In this position, you may gain experience in conducting and analyzing research. Some graduates work up to becoming clinical research coordinators. Clinical research coordinators in Rhode Island earn an average income of $138,530 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).

Becoming a professor generally requires a PhD and published research, so it may be an option for established psychology professionals. On average, psychology professors in Rhode Island earn $92,220 per year (BLS, 2016).

This is where an internship and professional connections can be extremely beneficial. Through your connections, you may learn about open positions at local research facilities and perhaps even get letters of recommendation if you do well in your internship role.

By studying cognitive psychology, you may learn crucial research skills that are required in many social sciences careers. Use the list below to search cognitive psychology degrees in Rhode Island and find options that suit you.

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