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Cognitive psychology focuses on the science behind how people think, including the fundamental workings of the brain and memory. It is different from other types of psychology in that it is less concerned with observing or explaining behavior and more focused on neural processes. It also tends to be more research-based. Cognitive psychologists are more likely to work in labs or on research teams, and they are less likely to do things such as counseling or therapy. If you are interested in learning more about this cognitive psych programs in RI, contact the schools listed below to learn more.

Degrees in Cognitive Psychology in Rhode Island

Prospective students can pursue a degree at the bachelor's, master's, or doctoral level. It is important to keep in mind that many positions, even at entry level, require master's degrees in psychology in RI, and the fastest growing positions are usually for doctorate level graduates.

Courses in Cognitive Psychology include those shared by all psychology degree types, which special emphasis on research and lab work. Understanding of memory processes is especially important in cognitive psychology, and students will take classes on how memory is built, including detailed workings of the brain and neural anatomy.

Students will also explore developmental psychology in order to better understand how the brain changes overtime and how thought processes are altered biologically between different life stages. Why do young children have such a difficult time understanding the feelings of others? Why is the teenage brain especially prone to rebellious or risky behavior? Why do adults tend to have midlife crises? What causes amnesia, and how is memory restored? Why do children tend to only hold long-term memories after the age of three? These are the sorts of questions cognitive psychologists may explore in the classroom. Many cognitive psychology programs in RI finalize with a capstone seminar. Some programs also allow students the flexibility to earn credits through independent reading and research.

Licensing Requirements in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has strict licensing requirements for psychologists. Applications for a license are reviewed, and must be approved, by an official board.

Licensure has the following standard requirements.

1) Received a doctorate degree in psychology
2) Complete two years of supervised experience
3) Complete a board-approved examination
4) Demonstrate areas of competence in compliance with APA guidelines

Job Employment and Outlook

Rhode Island has earned a place as one of the top five paying states according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average annual salary for a psychologist in Rhode Island was $93,710 in 2013. Those who worked in schools were typically among the highest earners in the field. They were outranked only by those who worked in private medical offices. When working for schools, cognitive psychologists often develop improved teaching models and methods to improve student memory and recognition. They may also work on teams that develop curriculum and tests.

Those who choose a more medical focused career will research diseases such as amnesia or Alzheimer's. They will typically work in hospitals or private institutes. Many psychologists are also employed as professors or researchers for universities.

Cognitive Psychology Degree Programs

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Brown University (Providence, RI)
School Accreditation:
New England Association of Schools and Colleges
Programs Offered:
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology - Cognitive Processes
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology - Sensation and Perception
Roger Williams University (Bristol, RI)
School Accreditation:
New England Association of Schools and Colleges
Programs Offered:
Master of Elementary Education - Cognitive Psychology

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