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Abnormal psychology is a specialization in the field of psychology that studies the etiology and treatment of abnormal behavior. These behavioral disorders are thought to fall across the psychopatholgical spectrum and include mental illness (such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) and as well as the mood and personality disorders. In addition, addiction falls into this category.

Closer look at Abnormal Psychology Degrees in Ohio

Earning an abnormal psychology degree in Ohio comes with both personal and professional benefits. Human behavior is complex, and this sub-specialty in psychology focuses on learned behaviors and ways to change or improve it. Students who study abnormal psychology have the opportunity to work with a broad range of populations who suffer from behavioral and mental health disorders.

Helping those with autism, developmental delays and behavioral problems associated with these disorders is very rewarding. Using your skills and knowledge of behavioral analysis, you can develop treatment plans and strategies to help clients develop more socially appropriate behavior. With better behavior, these populations can interact better with society and lead more enriched lives.

The curriculum for abnormal psychology gives you all the foundational skills needed for success in this challenging field. Typical courses include behavioral analysis theories, operant conditioning, biological origins of behavior, statistics and behavior measurement methods.

With the master’s and doctorate program, you’ll have the opportunity for practicums and internships in healthcare settings to gain hands-on experience. With a degree in abnormal psychology, you can work in a variety of different industries, including education, government, business and healthcare.

Bachelor Degrees

At the Baccalaureate level, psychology programs offer many classes related to abnormal psychology, though there may be additional classes that compliment this focus. These classes include:

  • Developmental psychology
  • Psychopathology
  • Neuroscience (behavioral and cognitive)
  • Counseling methods

Masters Degree

Masters students can expect to deepen their knowledge of the biologic and social origins of behavioral disorders. Most students take classes in the neurosciences, developmental psychology and forensic psychology. In addition, they will add course work in diagnosis and treatment across the developmental spectrum (children, teenagers and adults).


At the Ph.D level, clinical psychologists will identify a research specialty that addresses assessment, diagnosis and/or treatment. They will take classes in advanced research methodology and statistics in order to prepare a research project which culminates in a dissertation.

Licensing Requirements in Ohio

The academic requirements for licensure as a psychologist in the state of Ohio include a doctoral degree from an institution that is approved by the American Psychology Association. Applicants must have two years of supervised work experience that totals up to a minimum of 1,800 hours. Three professional recommendations are required along with passing a criminal background check.

Candidates for licensure must pass two exams. The oral exam is given by the board and is intense. Applicants must pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP). This is also an intensive exam and offered multiple times throughout the year. Before taking either exam, candidates must submit official transcripts to the Ohio Board of Psychology.

Additionally, in the state of Ohio, there is no licensure for either a baccalaureate or masters graduate. Baccalaureate graduates typically find work in human resource departments or pursue an advanced degree(s).

In Ohio, graduates at the Masters level can work as a psychology assistant under the supervision of a psychologist. They are eligible to do clinical work in the field (counseling and treatment).

Ph.D. psychologists in the state of Ohio become licensed through the Ohio State Board of Psychology as either a psychologist or a school psychologist.

General guidelines for licensure include the following:

Job and Employment Outlook

Job prospects in the field are robust, outpacing all other professions. On average Ph.D. psychologists can expect a salary of $73,580 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Psychology assistants, supervised by a psychologist, can expect an average salary of $45,480. Both psychologists and their assistants will find work providing treatment in hospitals, clinics and substance abuse programs. In addition, psychologists may choose to work in private practice.

According to the (BLS), the median average wage for psychologists in Ohio is $74,000. The job outlook is positive, and the demand for psychologists is expected to grow 22 percent throughout 2020. Behavioral psychologists will have many job opportunities in various industries. With the growing population in Ohio, there will be positions for behavioral psychologists in schools to work with the special education population.

In these positions, psychologist have the role of working with:

  • Administrators
  • Staff
  • Parents
  • Students

Clinicians in the field focus primarily on the treatment of individuals, families and/or groups suffering from mental health disorders. Psychologists may also provide supervision and assume management positions within the clinical realm.

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