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Nowadays, most working adults change their career paths several times before settling on the field that they will work in until retirement. This has had a significant impact on the world of education. While degrees that focused on one specific trade or technical skill used to be the most commonly recommended degrees for new students, many experts now recommend studying an interdisciplinary subject to prepare for the career changes that may come later in life.

Psychology is one of the most popular interdisciplinary fields of study in Wyoming. In addition to giving you the skills you need to communicate effectively with all types of people and teaching you about mental health issues, the field of psychology can help you develop strong critical and scientific thinking skills. With these skills, you can become educated in any number of subjects and build a diverse knowledge base that allows you to tackle a career in almost any industry.

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Psychology Bachelor's Degrees in Wyoming

One of the best parts of being a psychology student is the fact that you get experience and theoretical training in many different specialty areas and career paths. This paves the way for you to continue your education at a later date if you wish and helps you become a contributing member of society.

Earning a Bachelor in psychology in Wyoming involves completing no fewer than 120 credits. Over one-third of these credits should come directly from psychology courses. Some of the classes you may take include Introduction to Clinical Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Statistics in Psychology, Psychology in the Workplace, and Human Factors in Psychology.

You may get hands-on experience in a few different ways. In lab courses, you learn how to conduct and analyze psychological research. Landing an internship or practicum shows you how your knowledge plays out in a real work setting. This may involve getting experience with a local social services agency, mental health clinic, or community service center.

If you prove yourself in your early psychology courses, you may be able to secure funding from your school or local organizations. On a school-wide basis, you may apply for scholarships that support research, seminar and conference expenses, and other educational costs.

Outlook for Psychology Careers in Wyoming

The state of Wyoming is home to a number of job opportunities for psychology graduates. Many of these career paths have very encouraging job outlooks. By the year 2022, the demand for psychiatric technicians is expected to increase by 7% in Wyoming (O*Net, 2012). Statewide job openings for social service assistants may swell 16% by 2022 (O*Net, 2012).

With a Bachelor of Science in psychology in Wyoming, you may be able to earn a lucrative salary. The average salary for a psychiatric technician is $31,100 per year (O*Net, 2014). Those who become social service assistants report a median income of $28,600 per year (O*Net, 2014).

If you're still trying to find the perfect way to use your education, you may want to touch base with local psychological professionals to learn about their experiences. As a member of the Wyoming Psychological Association, you may get to attend conferences and seminars that help you build a strong professional network with your psychology Bachelor's degree in Wyoming.

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