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You may already know how helpful a Bachelor's degree can be when the time comes to start a new career. In addition to getting specialized training in your area of study, you can get a great general education that helps you become a contributing member of society. If you are looking for a four-year degree that gives you useful, real-world skills, the field of psychology may be what you're looking for.

Learn more about Bachelor's in psychology programs in Rhode Island so that you can pick the right school for your needs.

As you develop your knowledge of psychology and work with other students, you can build the skills that today's employers look for in job applicants. The field of psychology can teach you how to connect with people on a personal and professional level, help you meet people's needs more quickly, and give you the insight you need to ensure that you are contributing fully at your workplace.

Psychology Bachelor's Degrees in Rhode Island

Psychology is a very unique field, since it combines the social sciences with the physical sciences. To become a leader in your local psychological community, you need to have a grasp of both types of science and know how they contribute to psychology as an entire field.

As you examine different schools in Rhode Island, you can look at their learning outcomes and goals to figure out if their programs are in line with what you want to accomplish. Programs often want to teach students how to read and apply psychological research, the signs of different mental illnesses and disorders, applications of different psychological theories, and the uses of psychological terms and definitions.

Reaching these goals requires you to complete many different courses. After you take an introductory psychology course, you may enroll in classes like Elementary Psychological Statistics, Research Methods in Psychology, Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychology of Learning, and Theories of Personality. While completing these classes, you may get to work in a research lab or complete an internship at a local nonprofit or government agency. All of these experiences can be very helpful to the future of your career.

Rhode Island students may be able to apply for a variety of scholarships, which can help you earn money for your educational costs. The Rhode Island Foundation funds dozens of scholarships for local students, including some that are specific to the field of psychology.

Outlook for Psychology Careers in Rhode Island

While you are still a student, you may want to prepare for the post-graduation job search. Look into the opportunities provided by a group like the Rhode Island Psychological Association. You may even be able to join as a student member and jumpstart your networking efforts.

As a whole, salaries in Rhode Island tend to be significantly higher than national averages. The average salary for a Rhode Island community service manager is $75,900 per year (O*Net, 2014). Health educators report an average income of $71,800 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Job growth is expected to remain fairly stable in Rhode Island. By the year 2022, O*Net anticipates a 9% increase in health educator jobs. For community service managers, job growth may increase by 14% (O*Net, 2012).

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Take the first step by contacting psychology programs in Rhode Island.

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