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Are you considering a career in human services? Are you good with people? Do you enjoy helping others? A bachelor's degree in psychology might be just what you are looking for. Psychology is a broad field and graduates from bachelor's degree programs can look for positions in a wide range of career fields.

If you'd like to learn more about earning your Bachelor's in Psychology in Delaware, simply contact the schools listed below to get program details.

To follow your goal of entering the field of psychology, you can begin by earning your bachelor's degree. Delaware has many psychology programs to choose from, both traditional, as well as online programs which can allow you the flexibility you may need to get your bachelor's degree. According to employment projections published by Delaware Department of Labor, the state is in need of educators, school psychologists, human resources workers, and teachers.

Psychology Bachelor's Degrees in Delaware

Many people choose psychology as a foundation for their academic career because it is a widely respected field of study that can prepare you for several different careers. Getting accepted into a Delaware psychology program will likely require that you supplement your application with a personal essay, examples of volunteer work and other extracurricular activities and strong standardized test scores.

Earning a bachelor's degree in psychology in Delaware is possible at many different traditional and online schools. Because the field is becoming quickly competitive, gathering information about and applying to many different schools can improve your chances of being accepted into an accredited psychology program.

A Bachelor's of Science Degree in Psychology can pave the way to a career which focuses on life sciences and research. For a more general degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology places more emphasis on the liberal arts and can serve as the foundation for a wide variety of careers.

The first two years of study will generally include liberal arts and entry level psychology courses. Final years will focus more specifically on the psychology major with courses that could include abnormal psychology, behavioral sciences, organizational psychology, child development and statistical data analysis and research. An online bachelor's degree in psychology program can allow you the flexibility to choose your career path and take classes at convenient times.

Psychology is a field with much support for those who want to attend college. There are a wide variety of scholarships, grants and various performance awards. Psi Chi, or The National Honor Society of Psychology, offers a wide variety of grants and scholarships. The APA, or American Psychological Association, offers a multitude of information on their website to potential psychology students about a variety of funding opportunities.

Outlook for Psychology Careers in Delaware

Graduates from bachelor's degree programs in psychology in Delaware can look for employment in a variety of careers. Generally, a psychology graduate can work in case management, as a career counselor, or even a psychiatric technician.

Delaware's employment statistics are promising with growth in the business, education and human services sectors during 2014 according to the BLS. Psychology grads can apply for positions as teachers, writers, counselors, business executives, marketing professionals or even in law enforcement.

This salary for entry level psychology careers will vary depending on whether or not employment is in one of the larger metropolitan areas, such as Dover or Wilmington. Salary will also depend on your job experience, your specific education and any additional job skills you may bring with you. $48,810 is the median annual income of healthcare social workers in Delaware, which is just one of the many career tracks you can enter with your Bachelor's in Psychology degree.

As a career, psychology can be personally rewarding fields, as helping others can bring benefits that continue to reward you throughout the life of your career. Contact the schools below that offer psychology degrees in Delaware to get started today.

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