Educational Psychology Degree Programs in Pennsylvania
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Educational Psychology Degree - Pennsylvania

Many universities offer educational psychology degree programs in Pennsylvania. Degree programs range from graduate level master's degrees through doctoral degree programs. Prospective students can shop the available programs to determine which university offers the specializations and specific degrees that they are ultimately seeking.

Penn State University offers a master's program and a doctoral program in educational psychology. Other universities in the state offer specializations that expand upon the master's option but do not reach the doctoral levels of education and training. While there are many schools to choose from in this area of study, few have the doctoral program that is necessary for a graduate to become licensed to practice as an independent psychologist in Pennsylvania. Students should choose a school that has program offerings that are in line with both the student's academic interests and career goals after college.


Coursework and Foundational Classes

All degree programs will be built upon a solid foundation of classes in the field of psychology. These classes will include the following:

  • Introduction to Educational Research
  • Learning Processes in Relation to Educational Practices
  • Principles of Measurement
  • Applied Statistical Inference
  • Advanced Learning Theories


Pennsylvania Psychologist License Requirements

The Pennsylvania Department of State has established many professional licensing departments. The State Board of Psychology is the department tasked with setting the standards that applicants for licensure in the psychology profession must meet as well as monitoring the licenses that it provides to successful applicants.

To ensure that educational psychologists are qualified to work in Pennsylvania, the board requires that applicants have obtained a doctoral degree from an accredited institution, completed post-doctoral supervised training, and is able to pass an extensive examination.


Employment Outlook and Salary Data in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is among the top paying states for professionals in psychology. The average income of an educational psychologist is $73,620 per year with the top income earners exceeding $120,000 per year. Income variation is based on the individual psychologist's education, experience, and location of employment. Income data is provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The high earning potential for licensed psychologists in Pennsylvania is accompanied by an increased demand for qualified professionals in this area of employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that opportunities for educational psychologists and similar specializations are expected to increase by 22% during this decade. This increase is faster than the average for other occupations.


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