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Educational Psychology Degree - North Carolina

Students in North Carolina interested in educational psychology degree programs can find classes at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro as well as through online distance learning institutions. Classes in this area of psychology are taken at the graduate level following the successful completion of an accredited bachelor's degree program in education, psychology, or a related subject.

Master's programs provide students with an introduction to graduate level training typically requiring two years of study. An additional year of coursework leads to specialization degrees within the field of educational psychology, and doctoral degree programs enhance to student's learning to the highest level of degree available in psychology.


Coursework Focus and Classes Needed

Students will need to take and successfully complete coursework in the following core areas of study in addition to other classes based on their particular academic interests and ultimate career goals.

  • Multicultural Issues in Psychology
  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Physiology of Sensory and Behavioral Processes
  • Cognitive Psychopathology


License Requirements in North Carolina

Anyone who offers psychological services to the public must be licensed in state before doing so. Licenses in North Carolina to practice psychology are awarded to applicants by the North Carolina Psychology Board.

This board requires applicants to be doctoral degree holders from an acceptable institution of higher learning, and applicants must have supervised practical experience in a professional working environment.

During the application process, applicants must provide three references from doctoral degree holders in psychology as well as pass examinations that prove the applicant's competence.


Job Opportunities and Salary Information

Demand for educational psychology degree program graduates is increasing in North Carolina and throughout the United States. This demand is being fueled by the growing population of students introduced into school systems. This demand is also rising because of the growing importance of having quality educational programs for present and future students. Replacement of retiring professionals in the field is a factor accelerating growth as well.

The current rate of growth, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is 22% up to the year 2020 when new census data can be evaluated. This rate of growth is larger than other occupations.

Educational psychologists and psychologists in related fields earn $65,840 per year in North Carolina with the top earnings exceeding $90,000 per year. Individual income will be determined by the licensed psychologist's education, experience, and location of employment.


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