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Educational Psychology Degree - California

In California, there are many colleges and universities offering educational psychology degree programs. Some of these programs are online while others are available at universities throughout the state. All educational psychology degree programs require a bachelor's degree or higher in a related area for admittance into the program.

Educational psychology degrees are obtained through graduate programs with a 2-year master's program being the first level of training. This is followed by additional studies in a specialization program or further study in pursuit of a doctoral degree. Each level completed provides the student with greater employment opportunities and higher earning potential.


Courses in the Curriculum

Students should expect to take some of the following classes in addition to several others depending upon his or her academic goals and career interests.


  • Cognitive, Learning, and Instruction
  • Theoretical and Scientific Basis for School Psychology
  • Learning and Memory Development
  • Diagnosis of Human Handicaps
  • Educational Measurement
  • Laboratory for School Psychology


Licensing for Psychology Professionals in California

To be considered for licensing as an educational psychologist in California, candidates must have at least a master's degree from an accredited institution, and have completed three years of working experience as a school psychologist.

Additionally, graduates from an accredited university with the proper working experience will be required to take and pass a written examination to receive his or her license. These standards and the written examination are established and provided by the California Department of Consumer Affairs through the Board of Behavioral Sciences.


California Employment Outlook and Wage Information for Education Psychology

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean average income for psychologists in California is $86,690 per year. Across the U.S., California has the second highest employment levels for psychologists in the nation. Wage data variations will depend upon the level of education completed by the individual combined with his or her experience in the industry and the type of employment gained.

Educational psychologists may work in a school setting analyzing student performance and progress or in research institutes established to better understand the most effective approaches to human training and education. They may also find employment with private business or government organizations as well.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities for licensed educational psychologists is expected to rise faster than the average for all occupations because of the importance being placed on effective learning practices in the increasingly complex marketplace.


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