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There are several online psychology degrees, as well as campus based programs available in Wisconsin, especially if you are leaning toward a counseling focus. While many schools offer Bachelor's level programs, you may want to look into graduate degrees in counseling psychology if you plan to enter clinical practice. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is just one of several colleges to offer graduate and doctorate degrees in counseling psychology.

Along with state licensure, these are often the credentials preferred by employers once you enter the clinical realm of practice. The core competencies in a psychology counseling graduate degree program usually include:

  • Case Conceptualization
  • Counseling Skills
  • Multicultural Counseling
  • Professional Ethics
  • Presentation and Consulting Skills
  • Chemical Dependency Counseling

Most graduate degree programs require anywhere from 18 months to three years of additional schooling beyond the bachelor degree. If you plan to enter a doctorate program immediately after earning a master's degree, you can plan to devote up to six years to additional study after completing an undergraduate program.

Licensing Requirements for Counseling Psychologists in Wisconsin

After earning an advanced degree, you must fulfill all licensing requirements by the Wisconsin Examining Board of Marriage & Family Therapists, Professional Counselors and Social Workers if you want to practice clinically. Qualifications to earn the credential of Licensed Professional Counselor include:

  • Graduate degree or higher in professional counseling or equivalent program from a regionally accredited college that requires a minimum of 42 semester hours
  • Three semester hours of counseling theory and three semester hours of a supervised practicum
  • 3,000 hours of post-master supervised counseling experience completed over two years
  • 1,000 of above hours must include face-to-face contact with clients
  • Supervision must be provided by a mental health professional approved by the State Board
  • One hour of face-to-face supervision is required weekly
  • Passing score on the National Counseling Exam (NCE) and Wisconsin Jurisprudence Exam

Career Outlook for Counseling Psychologists in Wisconsin

Health Guide USA reports that the five largest industries to employ mental health counselors includes:

  • Individual and Family Counseling Centers
  • Residential Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Centers
  • Outpatient Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Centers
  • Hospitals
  • State and Local Governments

Once you have decided which sector interests you the most, you can then begin applying for counseling positions in Wisconsin. The BLS reports that the mean annual salary for clinical, counseling and schools psychologists is $70,700 in Wisconsin, making this a solid profession to enter when it comes to compensation. However, if you are considering this profession, you are likely more interested in the impact you can have on people and their mental health.

If you are ready to move forward in both your education and your career, contact the schools in Wisconsin that offer counseling psychology degrees so you can learn more about costs, curriculum and other details.

Counseling Psychology Degree Programs

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Edgewood College (Madison, WI)
Programs Offered:
Major in Psychology - Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI)
Programs Offered:
Ph.D. Program in Counseling Psychology
Ottawa University (Brookfield, WI)
Programs Offered:
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (online)
University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI)
Programs Offered:
PhD in Counseling Psychology
PhD in Counseling Psychology - Educational Psychology
PhD in Counseling Psychology - Latino/Latina Studies
PhD in Counseling Psychology - Prevention Science
PhD in Counseling Psychology - Psychological Assessment
PhD in Counseling Psychology - Statistics
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI)
Programs Offered:
PhD in Educational Psychology - Counseling Psychology