Cognitive Psychology Degrees in Wisconsin
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Cognitive Psychology Programs in Wisconsin

Overview of Cognitive Psychology Programs in Wisconsin

The field of psychology requires hard work and dedication from professionals at all levels. In fact, continued growth depends on it. That's why many professionals choose to build on their education with Master's or doctoral degrees in fields like cognitive psychology.

An advanced psychology degree from a Wisconsin institution may put you in the ideal position to contribute to the research side of psychology, which powers changes in treatment, intervention, and diagnosis.

The Wisconsin Psychological Association is one of the most popular resources in this state's psychology community. Students and professionals at all education levels can attend training events, network with successful psychologists, and learn more about ongoing research.

Invest in your future and the future of psychology with an advanced degree.

Explore options now by contacting cognitive psychology universities in Wisconsin.


Cognitive Psychology Education in Wisconsin

Are you ready to take on the challenges of a Master's or doctoral program? Your prior work experience and education may show you where you're ready for advanced study and where you need to improve.

Cognitive psychology colleges in Wisconsin weigh academic performance heavily, looking at previous coursework, grades, professor references, and course difficulty. Even if your Bachelor's degree is not related to psychology, you may still qualify for acceptance at Wisconsin schools. Some programs may require you to take the psychology GRE to be considered.

Comparing programs may make it easier to determine which schools are well-suited to your skills and interests. Look at each program's learning goals and outcomes. These goals show you exactly what professors expect of graduates and how you may grow professionally by the time you graduate. These goals should be supported by each program's curriculum.

Commonly Required Cognitive Psychology Courses

  • Affect and Psychopathology
  • Biological Bases of Mind and Behavior
  • Developmental Processes
  • Learning and Cognition
  • Behavioral Statistics
  • Memory
  • Language Acquisition

If you are new to the world of graduate study, you may be looking at both Master's degree and PhD options. A PhD is beneficial to those who want to work in academia and do independent research.

A Master's degree is optimal for those who want to work in research without necessarily taking on teaching responsibilities. For that reason, PhD programs often require students to teach one or more undergraduate courses prior to graduation.


Cognitive Psychology Careers in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a complex network of research facilities and academic institutions. Generally, jobs in psychological research are centered on major urban areas like Madison, Milwaukee, and LaCrosse. With the UW system of schools, however, there are research facilities in suburban and rural areas as well.

Newcomers to the field of psychology may find success as social sciences research assistants. On average, a social science research assistant in Wisconsin earns $36,710 annually (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).

Those who have demonstrated their leadership abilities and their ability to follow research standards and ethics may become clinical research coordinators. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average salary of $101,610 per year for clinical research coordinators (2016).

At the highest level of research and instruction, you can find psychology professors. Positions at this level range from substitute lecturers and instructors to fully tenured professors who have the freedom to conduct their own research. Across this group, the average income is $67,980 per year (BLS, 2016). While earning a Master's or doctoral degree, you may want to get practical experience that can positively influence your cognitive psychology salary in Wisconsin.


The work you do as a psychology professional can benefit individual patients, your state's research community, and the field of psychology as a whole. Make your move now by getting in touch with cognitive psychology programs in Wisconsin.

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