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Cognitive psychology is a fascinating academic discipline that offers students marketable knowledge and skills that can allow them to find jobs in a variety of settings, such as clinics, private practices, universities, and corporate businesses. While the curriculum for a cognitive psychology degree program in North Carolina will likely be challenging and thorough, a cognitive psychology degree can qualify students for rewarding jobs that will allow them to help those suffering from mental disorders.

Eight to ten years of university studies are generally required of aspiring psychologists. Academic programs for NC cognitive psychology degrees are aimed at teaching students to understand the processes that take place in the brain, and concepts covered include:

  • intelligence
  • memory
  • problem-solving
  • language

Psychology students must also become familiar with the content of hard science courses such as biology and chemistry, with coursework focusing more specifically on neurobiology and neuroscience at higher levels.

Psychology Licensing Requirements in North Carolina

Those who acquire licensure as cognitive psychologists enjoy the most potential and opportunity when searching for jobs in North Carolina. However, a doctoral degree in psychology is necessary for all candidates interested in becoming licensed to practice psychology. In addition to the completion of a doctoral program that is accredited by the American Psychological Association, work experience meeting the following requirements is also necessary:

  • two years or 3,000 hours in a supervised position
  • approval by the North Carolina Psychology Board
  • the submission of a contract form detailing the specifics of the work experience

Once basic education and experience requirements have been met, licensure candidates in North Carolina must sit for the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP). In addition, North Carolina psychologists must also take a state examination that tests for an understanding of North Carolina's laws relating to a psychologist's practice and responsibilities in the state.

Career Outlook for Cognitive Psychologists in North Carolina

Cognitive psychologist mean salaries in North Carolina are at $63,710 annually, according to the BLS. However, the individual salaries of psychologists vary greatly depending on specialization and years of experience. Individuals can work as psychologists for industrial organizations or with research facilities, and cognitive psychologists often find work with universities and institutions of higher learning. The job market for psychologists is expected to grow by 12 percent through 2022. Contact the schools that offer cognitive psychology degrees in North Carolina to learn more about entering this exciting job field.

Cognitive Psychology Degree Programs

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Traditional On Campus Cognitive Psychology Programs:

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Duke University (Durham, NC)
Programs Offered:
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology - Cognition/ Cognitive Neuroscience
Mount Olive College (Mount Olive, NC)
Programs Offered:
Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology - Cognitive
Bachelor of Art in Psychology - Cognitive
Bachelor of Science in Psychology - Cognitive
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)
Programs Offered:
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Cognitive
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology - Cognitive Psychology
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)
Programs Offered:
Certificate in Cognitive Science
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Greensboro, NC)
Programs Offered:
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Cognitive Psychology
Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology
Winston-Salem State University (Winston-Salem, NC)
Programs Offered:
BA in Psychology - Biological and Cognitive

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