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If you are a Florida resident interested in pursuing studies in Behavioral Psychology, you should be aware of the many professional and educational resources available in your state. A career in behavioral psychology can allow you to enjoy a fulfilling and intellectually stimulating job, and can also lead to licensure as a professional psychologist once your educational requirements are met. To learn more about psychology programs in Florida, have a look at the schools on our site that offer the programs you are interested in and request program information today.

Many universities in Florida offer programs in Behavioral Psychology, both through online and traditional studies. Many of the educational institutions offering Psychology programs in Florida also feature resources to help you find employment opportunities upon graduation. If you are looking for an online Psychology degree, Florida offers multiple options, most of them at the Bachelor’s level. If you are looking for Psychology graduate programs in Florida, you may want to visit the specialty pages you are interested in that are listed on the left hand side of this page. You can find a variety of programs to choose from in a wide range of Psychology focus areas.

In general, earning your Behavioral Psychology degree, sometimes called Applied Behavior Analysis programs, can prepare you to work with people, utilizing the concepts of conditioning, human responses and behavioral change. Programs vary depending upon what level of education you are pursuing, but most have similar core curriculum based around the principles of Behaviorism. Some of the courses you can anticipate taking in Behavioral Psychology graduate programs in Florida, as well as doctoral programs may include:

  • Psychology of Behavior
  • Conditioning and Learning
  • Statistics and Research Methods
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Biological Psychology

Once you have competed two-three semesters of General Psychology courses, you will move on to advanced courses that relate directly to Behavioral Psychology in different populations and settings. These advanced courses may include:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis in Developmental Disabilities and Autism
  • Applied Behavior Analysis in Developmental Disabilities and Autism
  • Behavioral Analysis in Education and Performance Management
  • Skinner’s Theory of Behaviorism
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Applied Behavior Analysis Practicum I, II & III

A behavioral psychology degree is intended to prepare you to identify and help patients to modify behavior, based on sound principles of change theory, conditioning and environmental effects on behavior. This exciting field holds promise for many people across the nation that are interested in understanding and modifying behavior, to create healthy and fully functioning interactions among individuals and members of society.

Licensing Requirements for Psychologists in Florida

In the state of Florida, requirements on becoming a licensed psychologist are set forth by the Florida Board of Psychology. Licensed psychologists in Florida must have completed a doctorate degree in psychology at an accredited educational institution. Transcripts showing the progression and completion of this academic accomplishment must be furnished for the Board of Psychology in order to apply for licensure. Furthermore, licensure candidates must meet experience requirements by completing 4,000 hours of internship or work experience under the supervision of a licensed psychologist or other qualifying psychology professional. An application and a fee are also part of the process for pursuing licensure in Florida.

Once the appropriate materials have been submitted to the Florida Board of Psychology, licensure applicants must then sit for the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) examination. A passing score on the EPPP exam in Florida is a 500 or better out of 800. In Florida, it usually takes about three weeks for those who have taken the EPPP to receive their results.

License applicants that already possess a psychology license in another state may use a different route to obtain their Florida license, which is described on the Florida Department of Health website.

Career Outlook for Psychologists in Florida

The job outlook is fair for psychologists in Florida in the coming years. Although the path towards becoming a psychologist involves many years of study, licensure as a psychologist can qualify an individual for a wide range of rewarding and well paying positions. The average salary of psychologists in Florida is $88,400 as stated by the BLS in 2013. Psychologists can opt to work as clinical psychologists, but you can also apply for positions within academia or in many other areas such as government agencies, healthcare clinics, outpatient care centers, research facilities and independent consulting agencies.

A number of psychology jobs can be found in elementary and secondary schools, health practitioner offices, individual and family services, state government and outpatient care centers. However, the top paying industry for psychologists is business schools and computer and management training.

If you are ready to take your Behavioral Psychology education and career further, find the Psychology programs in Florida that you are interested in and request more information today!

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