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The benefits of pursuing a degree in abnormal psychology in New York are significant both personally and professionally. This discipline is focused on the mental and emotional problems that people incur. As a counselor or psychologist, you help those afflicted overcome or adapt to the problems they are facing.

Often, those with mental and emotional problems have difficulty functioning in society. With the skills and knowledge learned in the study of abnormal psychology, you can assist people with how to handle day-to-day activities and lead better and more fulfilling lives.

Depending on the severity of the problem, you may even help restore many back to normal. It is a very rewarding career when you help others hold down a job, take care of their homes and manage their family lives in a positive manner. It’s a win-win all around. You benefit, your patients benefit and society benefits.

Curriculum varies by school and can include a specialization in research, clinical work, or social work. For example, New York University (NYU) offers two separate MA programs in psychology.

The first is a general psychology degree that is meant to prepare you for doctoral work, and the second focuses on how to apply psychology to organizational development.

Columbia University offers MA and PhD programs in clinical psychology through the Teacher's College that focus more on working in schools, hospitals, and other community areas.

License Requirements

There are educational, experience and examination requirements for licensure as a psychologist in the state of New York. All applicants must provide proof of successfully completing an accredited doctoral program in the field of psychology in accordance with the regulations set forth by the commissioner.

Applicants must also satisfy the Child Abuse Identification Reporting requirement by completing coursework in accordance with Section 6507 (3) (a) of the education law.

The experience requirements must be provided to the State Board of Psychology. Two years of full-time supervised experience must be consistent with the scope of practice in psychology as outlined in Section 7601-A of the NY state education law.

Two years of full-time experience is defined as 1,750 hours. Candidates for licensure must also pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) with a converted score of a minimum of 75. The EPPP is offered at several locations throughout the state and is computerized.

Career Outlook for Graduates in New York

New York has one of the highest levels for job opportunities for psychologists in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average salary for psychologists in New York is $92,000 and demand for psychologists is projected to grow at a rate of 22 percent through 2020.

Psychologists have many opportunities to work in private industry, schools, mental health centers, hospital counseling centers and in collaboration with physicians and nurses. In addition, psychologists can also opt to do research for private companies, research centers or teach at universities.

Professionally, you can work in a wide array of settings with a degree in abnormal psychology. Those with a bachelor’s degree can work as case managers in social service agencies. With a master’s degree in abnormal psychology, you can work as a school counselor or therapist.

Those with a doctorate in abnormal psychology can opt to do research or work as psychologists in their own practice or at a mental health facility.

Typical courses in an abnormal psychology curriculum include:

  • Psychological measurement and testing
  • Personality disorders
  • Child psychology
  • Experimental psychology
  • Social psychology

At the doctorate level, the courses are more advanced and typically include subjects like:

  • Psychopathology
  • Research
  • Biological and cognitive origins of behavior
  • Multicultural issues.

To learn more about pursuing a career related to abnormal psychology, review our featured schools below to request information. We recommend contacting multiple schools to be sure you choose the right program.

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