Earning Your Abnormal Psychology Degree in Illinois
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Earning Your Abnormal Psychology Degree in Illinois

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Earning a degree in abnormal psychology in Illinois is filled with both personal reward and many options for different roles in the field. The field of abnormal psychology is focused on helping those with emotional, psychological and behavioral problems. Abnormal psychology professionals get the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills to help and enrich the lives of others in need.

They access, develop and implement strategies to help their clients cope with their illness, improve their everyday living skills and lead more productive lives. Watching clients progress and develop gives one great personal satisfaction. Your purpose in life is defined, and your work is intrinsically rewarding.

Those with a degree in abnormal psychology also have many opportunities to work in a variety of fields. With a bachelor’s degree, there are job opportunities as case managers in social service agencies and opportunities to work in human resource departments. A master’s degree in abnormal psychology opens even more job opportunities.

Students with a master’s degree can work at counseling agencies as therapists, schools and take on administrative roles in private industries. Those with a doctorate in abnormal psychology can work as consultants, researchers, college professors and open their own practice.

The curriculum for abnormal psychology is diverse, and typical courses include tests and measurements for:

  • Psychology
  • Personality disorders
  • Child psychology
  • Intervention strategies
  • Social psychology
  • Genetics

An essential decision an abnormal psychology student must make is which post-secondary school to attend. No matter if it is a traditional brick and mortar school, online institution, or both, it is necessary to make sure the institution is accredited by the American Psychological Association or related accrediting agency. Along with a master or doctorate degree, graduation from an accredited school is a solid requirement for abnormal psychology careers in Illinois.

In general, students pursuing an abnormal psychology degree program at an Illinois school will complete the following coursework:

  • Personality theories
  • Psychological statistics
  • Psychopathology
  • Legal, ethical, and professional practice
  • Psychological assessment
  • Behavior modification
  • Theories of treatment
  • Social bases of behavior

Generally it takes three to four years to complete the requirements to earn an undergraduate degree. For graduate degree programs, students often complete their dissertation in the fifth year to demonstrate a sound knowledge of a particular topic in abnormal psychology. An internship is usually completed during the final year.

Licensing Requirements

The Illinois Department of Financial Professional Regulations governs the licensing of all psychologists. An individual who wants to become a Licensed Abnormal Psychologist in Illinois must complete the following:

  • Doctoral degree or higher in abnormal psychology or related field from an accredited post-secondary institution
  • At least one year experience with 1,750 supervised psychology practice after completing the doctorate degree
  • The post-doctoral experience must be completed within a 36-month period, but not less than 50 weeks

Career Outlook for Graduates in Illinois

The May 2012 report of Occupational Employment Statistics, published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, states that Illinois has the fifth highest concentration of people working as clinical, counseling, and school psychologists. Abnormal psychologists fall into this category. Statewide, there were 5,030 people holding these positions in May 2012, and the mean salary in Illinois was $68,100.

The May 2012 report listed the mean salary for the nation at $72,200. Over the 2010 to 2020 decade, the growth rate for all psychologists is expected to increase by 22 percent. About 50 percent of the demand for psychologists is for industrial psychologists and clinical, counseling, and school psychologists.

There will be a demand for psychological services in social service agencies, mental health centers, schools and hospitals. With many people turning to psychologists with family and marriage problems, depression issues and job stress, psychologists will have an abundant opportunity to work with different populations. Psychologists will also be needed to work with the growing aging population to deal with both physical and mental changes.

The demand for psychologists in the healthcare industry is also projected to increase. Psychologists will be needed to assist with interdisciplinary treatments with medical professionals, administer prevention programs and implement wellness programs.

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Abnormal Psychology Degree Programs

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