Earning Your Abnormal Psychology Degree in Arkansas
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Earning Your Abnormal Psychology Degree in Arkansas

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Abnormal psychology studies is a broad field that examines biological, psychological and external causes of abnormal behavior. Its focus is to help those people who are considered abnormal to live in a way in which they are able to function well.

In the state of Arkansas, choosing to study abnormal psychology is a great career choice to make. Psychologists in this line of work get to help people lead productive and effective lives, making sure they are able to take care of their selves, work and even raise a family. When looking to make a difference in Arkansas, choosing to study abnormal psychology is the way to go.

Other benefits gained from studying abnormal psychology in Arkansas include:

  • The ability to better adapt in social settings
  • Increased ability to be empathetic towards others
  • Better understanding of oneself
  • Better able to solve problems
  • Acquire a better understanding of people
  • Enhanced communication skills

License Requirements

To become a psychologist in Arkansas, a person will first need to complete a doctoral degree. When studying abnormal psychology, this degree will of course focus on this concentration. Common topics covered while earning this degree include:

  • Advanced abnormal psychology
  • Advanced developmental psychology
  • Advanced social psychology
  • Advanced Human sexuality
  • Advanced experimental psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Ethical issues in psychology
  • Assessment techniques
  • Psycho-pharmacology
  • Advanced research methods in psychology
  • Counseling practices
  • Psychological testing
  • Psycho-diagnostics

After earning a degree, it then becomes time for a person to obtain licensure as an abnormal psychologist. To do this, the person will have to take part in a post-graduate internship that lasts for one year. The internship must be accredited by the American Psychological Association. Once the internship is completed, it is then time to take the licensure exam, which means passing the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology. This exam can only offered four times a year.

Career Outlook for Graduates in Arkansas

With a degree in abnormal psychology, a person will greatly benefit from a wide range of career options in Arkansas, including:

  • Career coach
  • Substance abuse counselor
  • Case manager
  • Marriage counselor
  • School counselor
  • Psychiatric technician
  • Family counselor
  • Domestic Violence Counselor
  • Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Engineering Psychologist
  • Exercise Therapist
  • Social Psychologist
  • Existential Therapist

With a degree in abnormal psychology in Arkansas, a person can expect to make anywhere from $45,000 to $107,000 a year. Factors that determine level of income include: how many clients he or she sees, years of experience and any promotions that are earned. The average salary earned for psychologists in Arkansas tends to be right at $64,000 a year.

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