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Overview of Bachelor's in Psychology Degree Programs in Nebraska

In the past, simply having an understanding of an industry was enough to succeed in it. Today, almost every industry is centered around people and customers. If you want to rise through the ranks in your career and make a name for yourself in your field, you need to know how people work and what makes them tick. How you get there, of course, is a Bachelor's in psychology in Nebraska.

Perhaps you are not sure what field or industry you want to work in. Studying psychology may give you the jump start you need. Psychological theories have been proven to be advantageous in management, business, marketing, human services, and other fields.

Completing your Bachelor in psychology in Nebraska can make you a more well-rounded person, a more confident employee or leader, and a more indispensable coworker. Find out how you can get started by learning about psychology programs in Nebraska.

Psychology Bachelor's Degrees in Nebraska

Your future career can start with a Bachelor of Science in psychology in Nebraska. in this multifaceted degree, you may explore the origins of psychology, major thinkers in this field, what experts hope to see in the future, and practical applications of psychological theories. Because this subject is so diverse, you can expect to spend four years earning your degree and compiling 120 credits in different areas of study.

Getting familiar with the curriculum of your psychology program may give you a good picture of what you can learn and what skills you may have by the time you graduate. Courses that are often required of all psychology students include Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Psychological Disorders.

After you have met the core requirements of your program, you may get to explore different specialties. Classes that may fall into this group include Behavioral Neuroscience, Theories of Personality, Developmental Psychology, and Biological Psychology. On top of these classes, you may complete a work experience component. Whether this is a clinical practicum, an internship, or an externship, this experience can be invaluable to your future career and your professional network.

Once you are accepted to a psychology program in Nebraska, you may begin looking into financial aid options. These may include grants, scholarships, and student loans. Each school has its own financial aid program. For example, one local school awards funds to students who want to focus on the psychology of race and gender.

Outlook for Psychology Careers in Nebraska

Job growth rates in Nebraska tend to be very positive when compared to national averages. By the year 2022, O*Net predicts a 15% increase in psychiatric technician jobs and a 17% increase in social services assistant jobs (O*Net, 2012). This may give you the freedom to use your degree in whichever way you choose.

You may earn a variety of salaries as a psychology professional in Nebraska. Social service assistants claim a median income of $24,000 per year and psychiatric technicians earn an average of $26,300 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Get started on your new career path today. Use our school listings to find the right psychology Bachelor's degree in Nevada program for you.

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