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What is the most important part of health care? Many argue that mental health care should be the foundation of all public health care, both in Maine and on a federal level. Would you like to earn a degree that permits you to improve mental health care, help those most at risk of mental health issues and poverty, and learn more every day? You may want to consider earning a Bachelor's degree in psychology in Maine. Contact the schools below to learn more about your options.

When you look at mental health advocacy in Maine, it's clear that there are many who are passionate about mental health care and its availability throughout the state. A recently proposed law would cut funding for psychiatric medical services through MaineCare. In response, doctors, counselors, and other care providers have argued passionately for the importance of psychiatric health care.

Psychology Bachelor's Degrees in Maine

You may wonder what you can learn as an undergraduate psychology student in Maine and which skills you develop in this type of program. Though you should explore the curricula of different schools to make an informed choice, many schools in Maine offer similar courses.

As you build your knowledge base, you may take classes like Behavioral Neuroscience, Advanced Social Psychology, Diversity in Psychological Science and Practice, Professional Issues in Clinical Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics, and Advanced Research Methodology.

In total, it takes about four years of full-time study to get a Bachelor's degree in psychology. This time should include many classroom-based courses, some lab courses, and even one or two classes that put your knowledge to work out in the community.

Maine is known for its excellent financial aid system, which awards millions of dollars in scholarships and grants every year. The Finance Authority of Maine funds numerous scholarships for Maine students. Some of these are solely for psychology students. You may also wish to contact your school once you have chosen one to find out about school-wide financial aid opportunities.

Outlook for Psychology Careers in Maine

By connecting with other psychology professionals in Maine, you may be in the perfect position to learn about new job opportunities, explore the mental health community of Maine, and further your education. Consider joining a group like the Maine Psychological Association.

You may be able to utilize your education in a variety of ways. Per O*Net, the demand for psychiatric technicians is expected to increase by 8% through 2022. Those who follow this career path earn an average salary of $28,200 per year (O*Net, 2014). Those who become social services assistants may enjoy an average salary of $30,800 per year (O*Net, 2014). An 8% increase in jobs is anticipated (O*Net, 2012). In the same time period, jobs for social services research assistants may increase slightly (O*Net, 2012). In this specialty, the average income is $39,900 annually (O*Net, 2014).

It's time to find out if the field of psychology can benefit from your hard work and research. Get started today by contacting Bachelor's programs in psychology in Maine.

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